Expand your reach selling on AWS Marketplace using Amberflo

October 13, 2022
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Amberflo Metering Cloud

Monetize APIs, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more...

A fast and accurate, fully-managed, enterprise-grade Usage Metering Service. Single API to Instrument and Meter any resource in realtime. Learn more here.

  • Ingest meters from Kong API gateway
    Easily meter API products, IoT devices, and any other requests handled by Kong API Gateway. Amberflo plugs directly into Kong API Gateway and events are automatically routed and ingested into Amberflo. The plugin works by intercepting requests at the gateway, detecting which customer is making the request by inspecting the request header, then augmenting the request payload with additional metadata to generate a meter event, and sending it to Amberflo for ingestion.
  • Options for presenting usage and billing data to customers
    Eliminate billing surprises by allowing customers to see their usage and track their spend in realtime. You have several configurable options to give customers access to this data including:
  1. Amberflo Customer Usage and Billing Portal is a configurable web portal hosted by Amberflo.
  2. Customize UI widgets and embed the automatically generated code snippet within your own application or website.
  3. Amberflo is a developer-friendly platform that is fully API-based (APIs in-APIs out with no ingress/egress fees). Use our APIs to build any visualization or feed data into an existing customer-facing application.
  4. Expose relevant usage and billing data to customer-facing applications using webhooks and our custom Workato adaptor.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

Real-time, on-demand Usage-Based Metered Pricing and Billing

Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive the highest levels of revenue growth and product adoption. Learn more here.

  • Flexible pricing machine capable of any custom pricing logic or billing strategy
    Operationalize any billing strategy or pricing logic in hours or days, not months. Amberflo's underlying price machine architecture allows you to fully customize all aspects of usage-based pricing plans such as plan start/end date and billing rules.
    We can handle the most complex and customized usage-based billing use cases, even those involving complex pricing functions having dependencies between events over time.
    Some example pricing plan customizations include:
  1. Billing customers every 30 days from their sign-up date rather than the first of the month
  2. Billing customers for the average usage over a time period (ie. average daily or hourly) rather than total usage
  3. Filter usage to bill only for the first time a user accesses a resource per billing period instead of billing for each use within the period
  • Expand your reach selling with AWS Marketplace
    Meet your customers where they are and expand your market by leveraging AWS Marketplace as a sales channel. Enable usage-based pricing and billing for products sold on AWS Marketplace in minutes, not months with Amberflo.
    Amberflo tracks and aggregates usage and computes the amount due. This amount is reported to AWS and kept updated at regular intervals. AWS Marketplace only receives the amount due - all the metering, aggregation, and pricing logic are handled by Amberflo, so you're still enabled the full flexibility of the platform with use of promotions, rewards, credits, and other pricing options.

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