Billing Cloud

Billing that's flexible, reliable, and accurate at every stage of your business.

Deploy usage-based pricing and billing in days, not months.

Extensible Product Items Catalog

To build a pricing plan, add product items and select a billing period. For each product item, you have full control over the rate and pricing logic.

Support per unit, per block, tiered, and custom dimension-based pricing models out-of-the-box

Powerful pricing machine infrastructure enables users to programmatically define any custom pricing logic not available out of the box

Full life cycle management for pricing plans with ability to simulate performance and modify plans before pushing live into production

Flexible Usage-Based Pricing Plans

Amberflo supports all pricing models, from pay-as-you-go, hybrid, and prepaid plans in minutes from within our UI or programmatically using the API.

Offer frictionless free trials to demonstrate value to users from day one and convert more paying customers

Support for AWS-style pay-as-you go, prepaid with draw-down and overage, hybrid plans with fixed subscription components, and more

Modify plans with promotions, discounts, add-ons (fixed rate or percentage of bill), rewards

Create custom currency units and exchange tables to allow billing customers across multiple world currencies

Prepaid Credits and Commitments

Add predictability to your usage-based business and satisfy key requirements for enterprise deals with highly flexible and extensible prepaid credits and commitments.

Offer discounts for prepayment and automatically track all usage and credits consumption

Automatically notify users and account managers when credits balance is low, or even automate repurchase

Create custom enterprise commitments by defining the commitment length, amount, and payment terms

On-demand, Metered Invoicing

Deliver accurate, metered invoices to customers at the conclusion of the billing cycle and track earned revenue in realtime. Group and analyze revenue data by customer, pricing plan, or custom dimension for more granular reporting.

Automatically invoice customers and collect payments via integrations with Stripe and AWS Marketplace

Allow customers and internal teams to see accurate, metered invoices in realtime throughout the billing cycle - not only when payment is due

Connect Amberflo with third-party finance and accounting tools to automate revenue recognition and invoice handling

Discounts and Promotions

Create flexible promotions to implement any discounting logic necessary. Choose between one-time or recurring, set the discount amount or percentage, and choose any conditions such as restricting the discount to a particular pricing plan or product item.

Create promotion tiers based on the invoice amount to support conditional discounting

Promotion application and life cycle management is fully automatic

Easily see all promotions associated with a customer with a timeline from the Customer view

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