Metering Cloud

A drop-in, end-to-end Usage Metering Infrastructure

Know your customers in real time

Meter Anything

Compute hours, data storage, API calls, active users – whatever your resource or aggregation logic, Amberflo provides the infrastructure and flexible meter data structure to accurately track it at any scale.

Out-of-the-box meter aggregation rules

Schemaless meter data structure allows for custom dimensions to group and identify data

Full meter lifecycle management

Ingest and Aggregate Meters at Scale

Whether you want to track events in realtime from the source using our SDKs or ingest meters from an intermediate location, Amberflo guarantees to process and aggregate each record, with built-in controls for data deduplication and idempotency.

SDKs in multiple languages including Python, Typescript, Java, and Go

REST API endpoint for ingestion

Ingest from third-party systems like AWS locations, cloud databases, or even files

Filter and Analyze Meter Data in Realtime

Group usage records by meter, customer, or any custom dimensions to track usage; identify patterns, segments, and user cohorts; and build realtime charts and dashboards to share across your team.

Group and query usage data by meter, by customer, or by custom dimension

Event view shows each record from the moment of ingestion to Amberflo for full audit trail

Create, save, and share custom graphs, charts, and dashboards that automatically update with realtime usage

Stay Informed with Realtime Usage Alerts

Generate 24/7 visibility into system usage and consumption. Stay notified about key usage patterns, changes, or milestone events with customizable alerts.

Alerts delivered as email, Slack message, or webhook to trigger downstream event

Define the trigger condition, scope, and frequency to create any custom alert in minutes

Enable your customers to create their own alerts to stay aware of their own usage and spend

Visualization, reporting, and invoice calculations

Track usage and view meters in Amberflo in realtime. From the moment events are generated in the customer system they are present in Amberflo and viewable for reporting, analytics, and inclusion in the current billing cycle.

Use our SDKs to deliver realtime usage aggregation, visualization, and invoicing

Create realtime alerts which can be triggered the instant the alert conditions are met

Eliminate billing errors with realtime aggregation and invoice amount calculation from usage

Meter accuracy with a full audit trail

We guarantee the accuracy of the metering service and back this with a complete audit trail for each meter event. Confidently respond to usage or billing disputes in minutes.

See event-by-event view with full timestamps, meter value and payload, and associated customer and pricing plan.

Meter pipeline accuracy is guaranteed with design principles of idempotency and data deduplication

Filter events by customer or meter to quickly identify specific events or groups of events

Highly Scalable and Highly Cost Effective

Whether you are metering hundreds or billions of events per hour, Amberflo automatically scales and provides low latency and high throughput. We offer transparent per-event pricing with volume-based discounts as your meter traffic increases.

There are options for handling high volume, high cardinality (meters having large sets of dimensions) event streams

Pre-aggregate and batch meters to reduce the total volume, although this adds some latency

No additional charges for usage queries, reports, or viewing the per-event audit trail

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