Cloud Metering Platform
Meter and Track
Usage-based Applications
Amberflo provides real-time metering of usage-based applications and services, helping you succeed with metered billing and grow with consumptive business models.
Platform Features
Amberflo makes it easy to meter and track usage of applications and services from within your software platform.
Usage Metering
Meter any measurable resource type including infrastructure, application, system, or custom. Amberflo automatically scales to your workload. Our APIs manage idempotency, deduplication, batching, and flushing. Just send meters and leave the rest to Amberflo.
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Unified Usage Monitoring
Aggregate meter values using pre-built functions and group meters by custom attributes (e.g. customer, project, etc.) to get a near real-time detailed view of usage.
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Governance & Notifications
Eliminate overage surprises. Set threshold limits and receive customized alerts and notifications. Route alerts using Webhooks to 3rd party applications and workflows.
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Billing & Integrations
Accurate billing can only be achieved with accurate metering.
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Purpose built for Accurate Usage Metering and Billing
Flexible Metering Platform for any use case
Optimized Query Engine for low latency
Integration to Billing Systems
Highly Available and Secure
Usage Dashboards and Analytics
Highly Cost Effective
Highly Efficient Meter File Storage System built from the ground up
Serverless and Auto Scalable. Nothing to manage.
Use Cases
Enable usage-based business models for any application or industry vertical.
SaaS Applications
Meter and aggregate data for any measurable resource type such as number of users, click events, page loads, transactions, and more.
Cloud Infrastructure
Meter and aggregate data for any measurable resource type such as CPU and memory utilization, network data, IOPS, storage, API calls, events and records count, transactions, and more.
Cloud Marketplaces require partners to report metered usage of your listed products and services. Use Amberflo’s Cloud Metering Platform to accurately report usage and consumption.
IoT Applications
Meter and aggregate data on motion or temperature data from device sensors, alerts users to take actions, and more.
Industry Specific
Define custom meters (and measurement types). Examples, number of miles traveled, metric ton of dirt moved, number of checks deposited, number of ads served, number of movies watched, etc.
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