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Drive highest levels of revenue and product adoption with a scalable and cost-effective data infrastructure for usage metering and modern usage-based pricing and billing.
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Accelerating Revenue of Top Tier Companies

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"Building accurate, on-demand, and scalable Usage-Based Pricing and Billing solutions is hard. Amberflo's team has the right background and experience to solve this effectively."

Zachary Smith

Founder of Packet
Managing Director, Equinix Metal

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"We selected Amberflo because usage-based metering, pricing and billing is an integral part of our product experience and Amberflo platform had the flexibility and depth to meet our modern use case.”

Suman Kanuganti

Founder and CEO

"We were deeply impressed by Amberflo's domain knowledge of Usage-Based Pricing and Billing models, and their platform-centric approach to metering and billing. 
We are leading the way with Usage-Based Pricing in the Security and Compliance software space, and Amberflo's platform solution stood out as the most advanced, feature-rich, and cost-effective."

DV Subramanyam Dronamraju

Founder & CEO

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"Amberflo is filling a huge gap in the industry. The shift to usage-based business models is here and a developer-first, programmable approach to delivering next-generation metered pricing and billing solutions is the correct one."

Sameer Maggon


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“We sought a modern Cloud Metering and Billing Platform that was built as developer-first and where Metering operated and scaled independently of pricing and billing. With Amberflo we were able to rapidly build the product and pricing experiences we wanted and avoid a lengthy internal development cycle. It enabled us to fast-track our way to market, months ahead of what would have been otherwise possible."

Sharon Zhang

Co-Founder and CTO

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Usage Metering

Meter any infrastructure, platform, application, custom resource, event, or feature. We provide an end-to-end usage data and consumption data infrastructure that serves as the system of record and single source of truth. Our platform is built from the ground up with design principles to deliver a high throughput, low latency managed service that is accurate, durable, scalable as you would expect from an enterprise-grade platform. Amberflo handles the collection, transformation, aggregation, visualization to dashboards, and persistence of all meter data included with the Metering Cloud.

The meter data structure makes up a flexible, low-impact API payload. It can be customized with dimensions (user-defined key-value pairs) to allow for further pivoting and pricing on these properties. Each record includes a unique transaction ID and timestamp to ensure accuracy and idempotency. 
Aggregation logic for meter events can be defined to handle any metering use case. Implement incremental count, max count, unique count, tracking for long-lasting events, or any combination thereof.

Our Metering Data Infrastructure is a fully managed, full featured platform for usage instrumentation. It comes with a rich set of APIs and language specific SDKs that manage idempotency, deduplication, batching, and flushing. The data structure we provide is flexible to allow for any segmentation keys, unique identifiers, geographic regions, or other properties with custom dimensions (key-value pairs).


Usage-Based Pricing and Billing

Choose from popular pre-built usage-based models or take complete control and define your own pricing plan from scratch. We support full-featured pay-as-you-go pricing a la AWS, as well as traditional usage-based models (such as Per-Unit, Overage, Volume-Based, Tiered, and Multi-Attribute), and Hybrid pricing (usage-based components with a fixed-rate payment each billing period). Pricing Plans include full lifecycle management from creation, change management, deprecation, and automatic transitioning of customer accounts.

Explore progressive use cases such as pre-paid and bulk-buy usage credits, wallet-based pricing with automated top-up, and custom currency. Customize each plan further with one-time and repeated Promotions and Rewards.

Generate accurate, real-time, on-demand metered invoices. Move beyond static invoices, made accessible only at the conclusion of each billing cycle. Amberflo allows you to expose real-time usage and billing data to customers via the Customer Usage and Billing Portal. Deliver pre-built dashboards tracking usage and billable consumption, with full functionality to segment and explore the time series data in real-time.

Every invoice is metered, with the Product Item and amount consumed shown on the invoice. The invoice is guaranteed to be accurate and fully auditable, allowing for complete transparency with your customers and security that there are no accidental over-charges or under-charges.


Real-time Usage and Revenue Explorer

Operate your business like the major cloud providers do with real-time usage and revenue data at your fingertips. Align internal costs of back-end resource consumption with front-end usage by customers for the most granular insight to profit margins and operating costs. Course-correct and iterate pricing strategy and product roadmap based on customer usage insights and revenue forecasts

Visualize revenue segmented by customer, product item, or dimension for granular insight into the pros and cons of your monetization strategy. Leverage Price Modeling to forecast the impact of new usage-based pricing vectors or new pricing plans altogether before deploying live to customers.


Optimize Your Sales Motion

Usage data is essential for enabling successful Product-Led Growth initiatives, both on sales and product development fronts. For traditional Sales-Led and Marketing-Led sales motions, empower customer-facing teams with real-time usage data to drive relevant outreach and marketing collateral. Equip Customer Support agents with product usage data to minimize time spent gathering background information and streamline interactions to be relevant, personalized, and effective.

Set actionable notifications for usage or cost thresholds or allow your customers to set their own. Align sales and marketing outreach with consumption data to build trust, engage with relevant content and offers, and align customer usage with value realization. Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction.

Amberflo Metering Signals

Amberflo drives value across your organization

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No need to spend your scarce engineering resources in building and maintaining a metering infrastructure.

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Amberflo’s fully managed Cloud Metering Service provides usage instrumentation across your technology stack.

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Implement metering for 1/10th to 1/100th the cost of retrofitting legacy technologies (data warehouses, ETL/integration tools, time series databases, etc.) to meet the requirements of a metering system.

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Rapidly integrate and deploy with your existing technology stack.

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Confidently meter usage accurately, durably, and cost effectively.

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Understand what features are most used (Metering Cloud); draw value inferences and build pricing plans (Billing Cloud) that delight customers.

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Explore the impact of new pricing vectors or even entirely new pricing plans.

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Visualize impact to customers and revenue with Price Modeling before deploying plans live to customers.

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Enable product leadership to focus on pricing, adoption, and user experience, not metering infrastructure.

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Revenue and Usage Explorers provide real-time visibility to usage and revenue trends.

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Sales, Marketing, and Support

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Enable customer-facing teams with real-time and granular product usage and adoption data.

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Drive up-selling and cross-selling by understanding current usage and recommending additional value-add use cases and features.

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Deliver more personalized customer support interactions by enabling service agents with real-time data around product usage.

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Enable Product-Led Growth (PLG),strategies with real-time usage data and signals.

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Finance and Accounting

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Align back-end costs for infrastructure with front-end usage of the product for granular insights to margin and cost analysis.

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Leverage historical usage data to forecast revenue, adoption, and other FP&A metrics.

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Increase customer transparency with real-time metered invoices and billing with full audit trail.

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Amberflo serves as the single source of truth for usage and consumption data. It is fully auditable, and accuracy is guaranteed by underlying architecture and design principles of idempotency and data de-duplicated.


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