Cloud Metering Platform
Track Usage.
Grow Business.
Accurately meter and track usage-based applications and services.
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Why Amberflo
SaaS Usage Metering
Developer friendly Platform for metering consumption of usage-based application and services.
Grow Revenue
Companies with accurate and scalable usage-based business models grow revenue faster than their competitors.
Faster Onboarding
Usage-based models push down decision making to end-users leading to faster decision making and sign ups.
Drive Product-led Growth
Cloud Metering enables product-led engagement models that include self service, free trials, free tiers, and more.
Full Visibility
Provide customers and internal teams full visibility into usage and consumption to make informed decisions.
Enterprise Grade
Built for Accuracy, Speed and Scale
Amberflo is more than just a metering tool. It is a full featured Cloud Metering Platform designed to handle the entire lifecycle of usage-based pricing and business models.
100% Accurate
Meters are facts. Each meter record is processed accurately, without fail and duplication.
Measure Confidently
Create and change measurement artifacts and limits with ease.
Control Dynamically
Get notified on limits and take proactive actions.
Grow Organically
Enable smooth user experience to drive organic usage-based growth of applications and services.
SDKs, CLI, Sample Code, and Free Tier
Get started in minutes
Our mission is to make building and operating usage-based business models easy and efficient for all. That starts with us building a first-class developer experience with rich SDKs and tools.
Language specific rich SDKs.
Download CLI or Postman collection and experience end-to-end metering in minutes.
Sample Code
Git repository of sample applications to help you quickly get started.
Free Tier - Forever
Easy sign up backed by a perpetual free-tier.
Request invite for early access.
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