Cloud Metering and Usage-Based Billing
for PaaS

Monetization Platform
that enables accurate and real-time usage-based consumption business models.


Enable accurate, reliable, scalable usage-based billing and pricing

Delight customers with
on-demand bill generation

Maximize plan efficiency, adoption, and margins.


Inaccurate usage data | Dissatisfied customers | Revenue leakage.

No standardized way to meter data across all products

Different metering approaches to different products create technological debt and become unmanageable.

No Single Source of Truth or System of Record

Is the usage data accurate? Can it be relied upon to drive billing and finance reporting?

No auditable trace

Customers don't trust usage and billing reports without an auditable usage history.

Pricing based on incorrect dimensions

Pricing based on incorrect dimensions increases revenue leakage and reduces profits.


Build, Operate, and Improve your Usage-Based Pricing Strategy

Refine and Launch your UBP Strategy

Whether you’re considering migrating to UBP or already are a UBP company, our Metering service can increase your product adoption and revenue. Run simulations and scenarios based upon your customers’ usage data.  Decide what’s best for your business and start your UBP journey.

Offer Usage Transparency to Customers
Customers want accurate billing and full transparency into their usage of your services.  Just like what logs are to software development, Metering is the System of Record (source of truth) for all your usage data.  Our UI and API offer full visibility into any usage data by customer and service.
Preserve your Engineering Resources
Our Metering and Billing services seamlessly plug into your existing technology stack and free up your prized engineering resources to build and focus on your core products.
Gain Valuable Insights into Usage
Who used what service feature, for how long and how much?  What is the overall usage of any service and for what time-period? Regardless of your questions, the insights you need are at your fingertips... and are delivered to you at the same speed, regardless of whether the usage was for yesterday or two years ago.

Delight customers and increase adoption with modern and accurate Usage-Based Pricing and Billing

Data Accuracy

Meters are facts!  
They should be neither double counted nor dropped.  Amberflo’s built-in constructs of idempotency and de-duplication give you reliable and accurate metered data...every time!

Developer Friendly

Our modern APIs, language specific SDKs,  as well as non-SDK (3rd party system connectors) make it easy and quick to deploy and start seeing results.

Enterprise Grade SLAs, Uptime and Durability

We understand metering is mission critical. We deliver 99.99% uptime SLA (same as AWS S3) and eleven-9s of data durability.


Usage Metering

Meter any measurable resource type including infrastructure, application, or system. Amberflo automatically scales to your workload. Our APIs manage idempotency, deduplication, batching, and flushing. Just send meters and leave the rest to Amberflo.


Usage-Based Pricing and Billing

Build and deploy modern, multi-dimensional usage-based pricing plans Automatically attach meter values to pricing. Delight customers with accurate, real-time usage and price reporting.


Real-time Usage and Cost Explorer & Insights

Just like the leading cloud service providers have, Amberflo has rich set of explorer capabilities to help you slice, dice, aggregate and view usage and cost.


Proactive Account Engagement

Eliminate overage surprises. Set limits and receive real-time alerts and notifications. Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction.

Build and deploy modern, multi-dimensional usage-based pricing plans Automatically attach meter values to pricing. Delight customers with accurate, real-time usage and price reporting.

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