Modern Metering and Billing Platform

Offer any pricing model and streamline quote to cash workflows without writing code.

Trusted by high-growth companies

Turn usage data into on-demand invoicing and billing

Grow your business with a monetization platform that’s built to maximize revenue and product adoption.

Build flexible usage-based pricing plans
Generate custom quotes with entitlements
Meter usage in real-time for on-demand invoicing and billing

Meter generative AI, infrastructure, SaaS and more

Get a single API to ingest and track any usage vector including prompts, tokens, inputs, outputs, and more.

Track customer usage and profitability via real-time dashboards
Ensure backend costs don’t outrun revenue
Get actionable insights on customer journey from metered data

Delight customers with detailed and accurate billing

Start with flexible pricing and billing from day 1, or seamlessly shift to a usage-based pricing model while effectively handling existing agreements, account credits, and backfilled usage data.

Easily deploy flexible usage-based or hybrid plans such as pay-as-you-go, prepaid with drawdowns, fixed with overages, and more.
Accurately aggregate and rate metered usage into pricing plans.
Fast track to launch with built-in billing portal and UI widgets.

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Hear from our customers

"We surveyed the landscape and selected Amberflo as our metering and billing provider as it could scale to meet our high volume and high reliability needs, metering tens of billions of events per day."

Jonathan Nolan
SVP Engineering & Product

"We shifted to usage-based pricing in record time using Amberflo. The realtime usage and billing insights enables our sales, support, and product teams to proactively formulate customer engagement and growth plans."

Krishna Raj Raja
Founder & CEO

"Building accurate, on-demand, and scalable Usage-Based Pricing and Billing solutions is hard. Amberflo's team has the right background and experience to solve this effectively."

Zachary Smith
Managing Director

"Amberflo’s idea of separating metering from pricing and billing is a stroke of genius in my opinion because it lets you separate the conversations of 'what will we meter' and 'how will we price and package'."

Patrick O'Keeffe
SVP, Technology

"With Amberflo, we are able to delight our customers with accurate, on-demand real time billing and usage dashboards, which are an integrated part of our overall product experience.”

Itay Link
VP Finance

"We selected Amberflo because usage-based metering, pricing and billing is an integral part of our product experience and Amberflo platform had the flexibility and depth to meet our modern use case.”

Suman Kanuganti
Founder and CEO
For teams

Organization-wide impact

Optimize pre-sales teams and post-sales motions with Amberflo's decoupled-but-integrated products.

Engineering teams

Amberflo is a developer-first platform committed to delivering a metering pipeline and billing system months ahead of what could be accomplished with an internal build, at a fraction of the cost.

Product teams

Demonstrate product value from the first interaction. Offer immediate, ungated access to your product with self-service signup and transparent usage-based pricing options to drive adoption.

Finance teams

Get usage data that is accurately collected, processed, and aggregated in realtime from the moment of ingestion with a complete audit trail. Predict future usage, uncover seasonality or other trends, and gain complete understanding of your usage-based revenue.

Sales teams

Provide prospects with actionable quotes for a usage-based pricing agreements. Easily add promotions or discounts to help move deals along, and access usage insights to drive cross-sells and up-sells.