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Accelerate launch of GenAI applications and models

Pricing, Billing, Usage and Cost tracking in a single platform.
Fastest growing startups and enterprises use Amberflo
Grow revenue

GenAI Monetization in minutes

Prebuilt and configurable components to get you to the finish line with clicks, not code.

LLM Metering

Leverage prebuilt meters to start tracking and aggregating usage of any LLM at any dimension or multi-modal attribute level.

LLM Cost Tracking

Track LLM costs incurred at a granular per-customer, per-team, or even per-user level. Measure cost footprint of queries across multi-modal LLM models.  

Customer Billing

Deploy customer-facing, flexible usage-based or hybrid pricing plans and correlate revenue to underlying LLM costs and usage. Delight customers with on-demand metered invoicing and billing. 

Drive adoption  

Experiment, Launch, and Expand

A platform built to keep pace with the changing landscape of LLMs. Develop using any of the existing models or switch out with new and custom ones, without writing any code.

Dynamically switch models and versions

Leverage prebuilt meters, cost models, and pricing plans from major LLM providers and easily add your custom metrics.

Support multi-model query routes

Easily track complex tokenized LLM across different LLMs and versions in realtime.

Accelerate launch and pace of development

Experiment and iterate as needed to find the right mix of multi-modal LLMs to maximize adoption.

Track and Optimize costs

Track granular per-customer, per-team, or even per-user LLM usage and easily correlate model usage costs. Use this intelligence to build profitable, customer-friendly pricing that captures your solution’s value-add. 

Delight customers with flexible usage-based or hybrid pricing

With realtime and accurate usage and cost tracking at per customer, team, or even user level, build profitable, customer-friendly pricing that captures your solution’s value-add. 

No coding needed

Switch and adjust LLMs vendor, versions, and modality as needed without writing any code.

Supercharge Business Operations

Automate GenAI

Deploy the most optimal pricing strategy to guarantee adoption and success of GenAI applications.

Usage Metering 

Simply send your GenAI usage events to Amberflo, and get out-of-the-box accurate, realtime usage metering filtered by user, customer, application, and more. 

Track and aggregate any metric for any LLM

Track in realtime and at scale, any LLM attribute, dimension, or custom configuration. Leverage prebuilt meters for leading GenAI LLMs to get started.

Enrich usage tracking with any custom attributes

Track granular per-customer, per-team, per-user or custom attribute level LLM usage and easily correlate model usage costs.

Usage System of Record

The most advanced, feature-rich, and flexible Metering Service. Meter once and leave the rest to Amberflo to deliver an accurate, highly scalable, and durable usage system of record available across your business and enterprise. 

Cost Tracking

Usage Metering that also does Cost tracking.

Realtime GenAI cost analytics and dashboards

Track and correlate granular per-customer, per-team, per-user, or custom attribute level LLM usage and costs.

Know Customers cost profile

Know which customers are consuming more or less resources.

Optimize GenAI costs and profitability

Iterate and optimize on the best combination of multi-modal LLMs to deliver the most engaging customer experiences. 


Launch simplified and flexible usage-based pricing plans for your applications with on-demand customer billing.

Model and launch any pricing plan

Easily track complex tokenized LLM usage costs and build simple, value-based pricing for your customers.

Adjust pricing independent of underlying LLMs

Manage and operate pricing and billing decoupled from metering. Provide pricing teams with a modern tool to adjust and iterate on pricing as needed, without requiring any coding.

Realtime Billing and Revenue analytics and dashboards

Deliver pricing plans that range from self-service free-trials, to monthly subscription with overages, and modern constructs such as prepaid, commits, true-ups, and more. Amberflo manages end-to-end credits ledger and back office accounting integrations.

Amberflo Total Monetization Platform

Modern platform built from the ground up for the next-generation metering, pricing, and billing use cases.

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have to say

Patrick O'Keeffe
SVP, Technology

Amberflo’s idea of separating metering from pricing and billing is a stroke of genius in my opinion because it lets you separate the conversations of 'what will we meter' and 'how will we price and package.

Suman Kanuganti
Founder and CEO

We selected Amberflo because usage-based metering, pricing and billing is an integral part of our product experience and Amberflo platform had the flexibility and depth to meet our modern use case.


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