Simplified Generative AI Monetization

Effortlessly add usage metering to your GenAI or LLM apps. Build and deploy flexible usage-based pricing with on-demand metered invoicing and billing.

Monetize Generative AI

Everything you need to meter, quote, price, and bill Generative AI products

Track prompt and token level usage, build pricing, and automate on-demand metered invoicing and billing, all in one afternoon.

Advanced analytics

Get to know your super users by accessing real-time analytics dashboards or APIs for usage tracking and alerting of any aspect of LLMs by user, account, or custom dimension.

Launch early & iterate

No need to delay your product launch to figure out monetization—get ahead of competition and build in metering and pricing from the start.

Monetize GenAI with Amberflo

Why is usage-based pricing a fit for generative AI?

Watch this short video to learn why a usage-based pricing model is the only way to monetize generative AI.

Understand the pricing structure of GenAI

You'll need a pricing model that accounts for both the underlying GenAI service costs as well as customer product usage.

Create meters to track usage

Create accurate and scalable meters to track underlying GenAI cost and customer-facing product usage.

Finish with usage-based pricing plans

Deploy pricing plans that align and automatically scale with usage, so you can delight customers with accurate, on-demand metered invoicing and billing.

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