SaaS & Platforms

Whether you're a startup looking to launch fast, or an enterprise wanting to level-up the value of your metering data, Amberflo's Metering Cloud is built to be a longterm solution that adapts to your needs and grows with you.

Advanced Metering

Meter any platform in minutes

Meter and charge based on any action or transaction in your service, such as unique user logins, the number of messages sent or support tickets resolved, the duration of a video call, or even the number of vulnerabilities surfaced by a malware scanner.

Flexible ingestion options to suit your existing architecture, proposed meter volume, and latency needs

Ingest meters from an existing usage instrumentation pipeline if one is in place

Out-of-the box aggregation rules for tracking any SaaS metric without custom code


Self-service tools and real-time analytics

Group and filter usage data over any time range and by any custom dimension to uncover usage patterns, areas of friction or low adoption, and other insights to guide your business.

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Each time an API or feature is accessed, track which user made the call, when it happened, and any other custom metadata included as a dimension

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Create, save, and share custom usage reports throughout your team and organization without writing any code

Usage data persisted in Amberflo in realtime from the moment of ingestion

Billing & Invoicing

Drop-in usage and billing components

Amberflo provides several options to integrate usage, billing, and invoicing data and dashboards into your application including Amberflo hosted Usage and Billing Portal, Usage and Billing API, and our Web UI-Kit.

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Configure the tabs shown and granularity of data for the hosted portal

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Query and extract any data in Amberflo across the metering and billing systems

Embed our UI components in your customer-facing application or website for total control of the customer experience

Billing Models

Pre-payments, commitments, and more

Offer customers predictability around their annual spend while still enjoying the flexibility and fairness of usage-based pricing. Amberflo offers several options to enable prepayment and commitments.

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Incentivize greater usage with volume-based discounts and rewards and discounted rates when paying upfront

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Amberflo manages all aspects of credits from drawdown with usage, alerting based on balance, and repurchases when balance runs out

Define the term length, payment structure, and any custom configuration to create enterprise-ready commitments

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