Amberflo is a developer-first platform committed to delivering a metering pipeline and billing system months ahead of what could be accomplished with an internal build, at a fraction of the cost.

Usage-Based Pricing

Jumpstart your PLG motion with usage-based pricing

Developer tools are a natural fit for a self-service or PLG motion. Developers want to use a tool in the moment when it’s needed, rather than wait through an entire sales and negotiation cycle to be eventually given a login.

Many of the fastest-growing and most well-adopted companies are launching (or transitioning to) usage-based pricing models

Usage-based pricing is a natural fit for most DevTools as the value to the user scales directly with usage

Remove barriers and friction to adopting and scaling usage


Offer trials, tiers, discounts, and promotions to attract users and drive adoption

Position your solution for success by offering free trials and tiers to build your user base, then monetize these users by clearly demonstrating the value your solution provides.

Automated Reports Icon - Techflow X Webflow Template

Amberflo provides controls to implement and manage both credits-based and time-based free trials

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Alert users and account teams when a trial period ends or when credits balance is running low

Create and manage flexible promotions, discounts, and one-time offers

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