Leverage configurable event deduplication logic in Amberflo

May 31, 2022
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Amberflo Metering Cloud

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  • Configurable event deduplication logic
    Now any dimension can be used as the filter for deduplication, enabling allowing users to define their own custom business logic for event duplication.
    Identifying duplicate events is essential to accurately tracking usage. Amberflo has provided from day-1 an idempotent metering service with data deduplication. We are further enhancing this core feature to give you more flexibility and configurability.
    For example, a business processing documents and charging for the underlying resources consumed may use the 'document-id' to ensure no one document is processed (or billed) twice. Read our documentation explaining the feature here.
  • Apply a scaling function to meter data
    In some cases, the unit (or scale) that is used for metering a resource is different from the billable unit. For example, a company may track data storage in TB internally, but look to charge customers using a per-GB rate.
    Amberflo allows users to select the new unit (scale) and apply a scaling function to the usage data to convert it to the necessary unit at billing time. Example, if the usage is tracked in TB but billed in GB, then the metered usage (in TB) would need to be multiplied by 1000 to convert the scale to GB for customer-facing billing.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

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Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive the highest levels of revenue growth and product adoption. Learn more here.

  • Easily share access to the Customer Portal via URL
    Now users can easily share the URL for the Customer Usage and Billing Portal with team members and customers, without requiring them to login to Amberflo to activate the session. Amberflo generates a link that stays valid for 24 hours, and then automatically expires.
  • Set a default pricing plan
    Select a pricing plan from the list of Active plans and set it as the default plan. This plan will automatically be assigned to customers as they are activated for billing. This ensures that all usage will automatically be invoiced, unless manually set otherwise. Additionally, the Customer view is also updated to show which pricing plan is assigned to each customer at a glance.

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  • Five steps to getting started with Amberflo
    Usage-based pricing (UBP) delivers very high levels of revenue growth and product adoption. Any company operating in the cloud can (and should) adopt a usage-based pricing model enabled by best practices and frameworks that optimize the value being provided to the customer.
    The usage-based model is the only one that makes sense in the cloud. Given the elastic nature of the underlying infrastructure, anything that gets layered on top needs to be just as flexible — and that includes pricing. Below, we will lay out five steps to get started with a usage-based pricing model at your business using Amberflo. Read the full guide here.

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