March 10, 2024

Amberflo CEO Puneet Gupta joins CPQ Podcast

Amberflo CEO Puneet Gupta joins CPQ Podcast

On this episode of the CPQ Podcast, Amberflo founder and CEO Puneet Gupta joins to discuss his journey in technology and how a decades-long obsession with all things metering, billing, and CPQ technology led him to form Amberflo based on the insight that usage-based pricing is a growing and urgent need on the technology scene.

In this episode, Puneet delves into the exciting journey of his startup. He touches on:

- The motivations behind Amberflo, his second entrepreneurial venture.

- Why usage-based pricing is a game-changer for technology customers.

- How he secured $20 million in VC funding, with the potential for more on the horizon.

- The strategic role of their API architecture and the decision to build natively on Salesforce.

- The unveiling of their brand-new CPQ solution, Amberflo Quoting Cloud, released in early 2024

Listen to the full episode here.