Amberflo Quoting Cloud

January 16, 2024

Amberflo Quoting Cloud is a modern Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) service that streamlines quote and proposal generation for usage-based pricing models powering cloud services such as Generative AI, LLMs, co-pilots, and modern SaaS.

Amberflo Quoting Cloud is purpose-built for usage-based and hybrid pricing models and enables sales teams to close deals faster by accurately configuring quotes. And with its deep interoperability with Amberflo Metering Cloud and Billing Cloud, businesses can now automate end-to-end order creation, usage and entitlements tracking, and on-demand metered invoicing and billing. Amberflo Quoting Cloud is the latest addition to Amberflo’s leading platform for Metering and Usage-Based Pricing and Billing. It serves as the third leg of the stool (Quoting + Metering + Billing) to deliver a complete platform from quote-to-cash for modern businesses.

Businesses can now empower sales teams to bring in repeatability, predictability, and accuracy into usage-based and hybrid contracts while delighting customers with flexible discounts and entitlements. It reduces time to close and most importantly drives alignment and accuracy between what is sold and what is subsequently invoiced and billed.

Traditional Quoting tools were not built for Usage-Based Pricing 

Traditional Quoting or CPQ tools were not designed for Usage-Based pricing and billing models. They do not support dynamic price calculations based on usage, and modern contract and entitlement terms such as flexible or tiered pricing, prepaid and drawdowns, commitments and true-ups, and more. Additionally, traditional CPQ tools are expensive to use, and difficult to operate, requiring long deployment and change management cycles. They have no built-in capabilities for operationalizing a quote. Usage Metering, Invoicing and Billing are off loaded to a separate 3rd party system or to a manual process, requiring complex, costly, and time consuming integrations with subpar results and continuous remediation issues. 

Amberflo Quoting Cloud solves Quote-to-Revenue for Usage-Based Pricing 

With its out of the box integration with Amberflo Metering Cloud and Billing Cloud, Amberflo Quoting Cloud provides a one stop solution from quoting to revenue recognition. It drives alignment between sales, finance, product, and accounting teams by providing a single source of truth from quote creation, approval, conversion of quote to committed contract, and accurate invoicing and billing against contracted entitlements.

Key Features:

Out of the box deep integration and interoperability with Amberflo Metering and Billing Cloud services to provide full quote-to-revenue automation.

Usage-Based and Hybrid Product Configuration: Configure AI/ML based or multi dimensional complex products and services. Provide sales teams with a modern CPQ interface where they can easily configure usage based or hybrid product features, and contract terms such as prepaid, commit, true-ups, and more, ensuring accurate configurations.

Pricing Management: Enable dynamic pricing, where sales reps can access real-time pricing information, discounts, and promotions. With accurate and competitive quotes, your sales team can close deals faster and improve sales velocity.

Quoting Automation: Traditional quoting systems are notoriously complex to deploy, integrate, and automate. With Amberflo Quoting Cloud, sales teams can generate quotes and proposals quickly by pulling in product configurations and pricing rules, reducing manual errors and saving time.

Guided Selling and Price Modeling: Using built-in Price Modeling, sales reps can generate quotes based on forecasted usage and revenue targets. 

CRM Integration: Native integration with CRM. Sales teams can operate from within existing CRM applications while leveraging all the features and benefits of Amberflo’s Quoting Cloud.  

Workflow Management: Easy to configure and use approval workflows, ensuring that quotes are reviewed and approved by the appropriate parties before they are sent to customers.

Analytics and Reporting: Actionable insights into both pre-sales and post-sales engagements. Track sales performance, quote-to-order conversion rates, and other key metrics. Proactively adjust and optimize sales strategies to maximize revenue and product adoption.

Order Processing and Automation: With its deep integration and interoperability with Amberflo Metering and Billing Cloud, Amberflo Quoting Cloud ensures data consistency and order processing with accurate invoicing and billing. 


Increased Sales Efficiency: Streamline the quoting process, reducing the time it takes to create accurate quotes. Respond to customer requests more quickly, leading to improved sales efficiency and deal close velocity.

Higher Sales Accuracy: With automated product configuration and pricing calculations, minimize errors in quotes and proposals, leading to higher accuracy and fewer disputes with customers.

Improved Sales Effectiveness: Guided selling using built-in price modeling helps sales reps maximize revenue opportunities with each customer interaction.

Consistency Across Sales Teams: Amberflo Quoting ensures that all sales reps have access to the same product and pricing information, promoting consistency in quotes and proposals.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Faster response times, accurate quotes, and a personalized sales approach, and mostly importantly, followed by an accurate and on-demand invoicing and billing engagement, contribute to a vastly improved customer experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights that inform pricing strategies, product development, and sales tactics.

Scalability and Configurability: A modern CPQ tool built from the ground up to tackle any product catalog mix and pricing model. A Quoting solution that grows with your needs. 

Compliance and Governance: Enforce pricing and discount policies, ensuring that sales reps adhere to company guidelines and compliance regulations.

With the launch of Amberflo Quoting Cloud, businesses now have access to an advanced Configure, Price, and Quoting (CPQ) service that simplifies both pre-sales and post-sales processes for usage-based and hybrid pricing models. 

Businesses can now fully embrace and optimize usage-based and hybrid pricing and business models to maximize revenue and product adoption.

To learn more about Amberflo AI Monetization Platform, click here.

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