Metering for every stage of growth

Whether you are a startup looking to launch fast, or an enterprise wanting to level-up the value of your metering data, Amberflo’s Metering Cloud is built to be a long term solution that adapts to your needs and grows with you.


Flexible and scalable metering is the path to success

Meter the resources that are important to your business. From hours, to amount of data storage used, to number of API calls or active users, you can quickly launch a metering pipeline to accurately track any resource at any scale.

Flexible meter data structure

Allows for maximum flexibility so you can create custom dimensions to meter any resource type

Realtime meter aggregation

Ingest meters at scale and in realtime see aggregated usage analytics

Built-in event outage remediation

Guaranteed event aggregation accuracy and auto reconciliations


Highly configurable and deployable

Track events in realtime from the source using our SDKs, or ingest meters from an intermediate locations like AWS, cloud databases, or files. Amberflo's Metering Cloud processes and aggregates each record, with built-in controls for data deduplication and idempotency.

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Rich SDKs and APIs

Easy integration into your existing technology stack

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Connectors to leading systems

Pre-built connectors to leading platform services

Alerting and Webhooks

Robust alerting to manage throttling and usage tracking


Filter and analyze meter data in realtime

Group usage records by meter, customer, system, or any custom dimensions. Identify patterns, segments, user cohorts with granular filters, and build charts and dashboards to share across your teams.

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User-level usage graphs

User level usage insights at your fingertips

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Granular time stream analytics

Built-in full range and custom interval usage lookup

Event level audit trail

Full event audit trail from ingestion to invoice

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