Deploy Usage-Based Billing In Days

Amberflo Billing Cloud is designed for flexibility and scale for any form of Usage-Based or Hybrid pricing and billing.


Designed for Usage-Based and Hybrid Pricing Model

Implement usage-based pricing and billing that is flexible, reliable, and accurate at every stage of your business

Usage-Based and Hybrid Pricing Plans

Build, iterate, and scale any form of usage-based and hybrid pricing plan with accuracy and consistency.

Seats, Subscriptions, Overages, and percent fees

Create any type of billable units with automatic rating with full audit trail.

APIs for Credit Balance, Drawdowns, True-ups

Realtime APIs and Webhooks for actionable insights


Automate PLG and Streamline Sales-Led

From startups to large enterprises, automate and streamline customer onboarding and provisioning processes.

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Trials and Free-Tiers

Build and scale any form or combination of free-trial or free-tier.

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No Custom Code Needed

No custom code to write or maintain.

Model Pricing Changes for Impact

Model pricing changes and visualize impact prior to rollout.


Billing Operations and Analytics

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Alerting and Webhooks

Up-level product and billing experience with customer and internal alerting

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Realtime Usage, Cost, and Billing Analytics

Have a realtime pulse on usage and revenue operations

Hierarchies, Groupings, and Sub-Accounts

Delight customers with custom invoices and reporting


Easy Integration and Deployment

Rich SDKs and APIs to facilitate easy integration with existing IT infrastructure and applications.

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CRM Integration

Delivery full power of Amberflo Quoting, Billing, and Metering to teams from within your CRM tool.

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Accounting and Revenue Recognition

Out of box connectors and payloads with leading accounting and back office systems.

Taxes and Payment Gateways

Highly configurable integrations with leading tax software and payment gateways.

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