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September 29, 2022
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Amberflo Metering Cloud

Monetize APIs, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more...

A fast and accurate, fully-managed, enterprise-grade Usage Metering Service. Single API to Instrument and Meter any resource in real time.

  • Custom Dashboards with deep-dive, actionable Usage and Billing Analytics
    Build custom dashboards with insights specific to your business and department needs. Construct deep dive, analytical insights with an easy-to-use user interface and see actionable results in realtime. Insights and data that, with traditional systems, would either not be captured at all or be virtually impossible to extract in a timely manner.

    Here are some examples of realtime, time stream aggregated analytics:
  1. How many API calls were used within a specified time interval by a specific customer, in a specific region, from a specific type of device, in a specific place in the application.
  2. Number of Jira tickets updated, broken down by status.
  3. API calls for Web3 platform, broken down by blockchain type.

  • Flexible Customer Data Model
    Enrich Customer records by adding Traits (custom attributes and metadata). Traits provide a way to track upstream or downstream third-party Customer or System IDs, or custom attributes needed to map customer records across different systems.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

Real-time, on-demand Usage-Based Metered Pricing and Billing

Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive highest levels of revenue and product adoption.

  • Enhanced Billing Cycle options
    In addition to Daily, Monthly, Yearly, and Custom, Amberflo Billing Cloud now provides a 'Calendar Monthly' billing cycle option. Calendar Monthly ensures the billing cycle starts and ends at the beginning and end of each calendar month, whereas Monthly is a 30 day period and can start from any day of the month.
  • Integrate Amberflo across 100s of applications using Workato
    With our Workato integration, Amberflo appears as a native source, via our custom Workato adapter, to Recipes in Workato. Amberflo Webhooks can be configured to route invoice, usage (aggregated metered data), and billing data to Workato for integration and ingestion with the hundreds of applications that Workato supports.This realtime integration is possible because our solution is designed and built from the ground up as platform, oriented with scalable APIs-in and APIs-out.
    With this integration, realtime information related to usage and metering, invoice and billing can be passed to 3rd party systems such as CRM (see Amberflo native Salesforce Application), ERP, and many more.

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  • Roadmap: Software powering the PLG era
    Today there is a growing ecosystem of startups dedicated to helping companies unlock the full potential of PLG companies adopting a hybrid GTM model. This infrastructure will help companies cross the “data chasm” of converting usage insights into go-to-market action and forecasting. In this roadmap, we explore the fundamental needs of PLG companies looking to accelerate their GTM motion, the startups leading the category, and our predictions for this space. Read the full article from Bessemer Venture Partners.

  • In Defense of Pay-as-You-Go
    The dominant business model across B2B and B2C fintech companies is pay-as-you-go (PAYG), in which companies earn revenue every time some activity occurs, such as the sale of a good or underwriting of a loan. For instance, SpotOn, Stripe, and Square charge a percentage fee of the payment volume that they process, while E*trade and Interactive Brokers charge a flat fee for each options contract traded. In the not-too-distant future, as nearly every company becomes a fintech company, most fintech companies will incorporate some degree of PAYG, sometimes referred to as usage-, consumption-, or transaction-based pricing. Read the full article from Andreessen Horowitz.

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