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Community response to Amberflo’s Product Hunt launch

April 7, 2022

See what the community is saying about Amberflo:

“Love Amberflo. metering and rewards, credits and redemption is built on Amberflo product. We were happy to get to know about their platform at the right [time] for our company. They even abstract the payment and invoicing, reducing a lot of effort from our team who is focused on building products and models. Also love the team, they made our commercialization plans come to fruition with speed and ease!"

Suman Kanuganti, Founder & CEO -

“This is an absolute must for any SaaS company trying to run an efficient operation. Thinking of the days where authentication services were built by developers until Auth0 came along and changed all of it to as a service where now you have to be crazy to develop it on your own. Amberflo will create the same for metering as a service.”

Amit Govrin, Global DevOps Partnerships Lead - AWS

“An incredibly robust solution built meticulously by a world class team for the future of SaaS billing. Congrats on the launch, Puneet and Lior! Best wishes and looking forward to chatting soon.”

Zain Azeem, Founder & CEO - Keyri

“This product is really great for PLG (product-led growth) companies who seek to understand the unit of economics of their software. It makes it easier to meter and analyze the cost of each of our clients.”

Ziv Salzman, Head of Engineering - BlastRadius

“Having tested and played with Amberflo using their free-tier (yes free, so there is no reason not to try it!), I'm very impressed with what they have brought to the table.”

Luis Ayuso, Product Line Manager - VMWare

“One thing I'm constantly impressed by is the speed of delivery and feature development led by Lior and his team. We needed a few custom additions to be done and the team never hesitated to jump on a call right away to support us. We are about to launch our commercialization plan on Amberflo and super excited about having a strong product and team behind it.”

Xiaoran Zhang, CTO -

Yesterday we launched Amberflo on Product Hunt. It was an exciting day and we saw great responses and participation from the community, with over 500 upvotes and 114 comments.

We were most excited about getting the product in front of a wider audience of tech-savvy users and seeing the feedback and uptake. We saw strong adoption on our self-service channel, comfortably achieving the largest single-day number of sign-ups since going live with the option, and received a full 5-star average rating from reviewers. Most importantly, we received a number of helpful questions and comments that helped create conversation around usage-based pricing and our unique approach.

We greatly appreciate all participation and feedback on our Product Hunt post, and we look forward to continuing to grow, improving our solution, and delighting customers with cloud metering and flexible usage-based pricing.

Here is the link to the full post on Product Hunt: 

Amberflo - Cloud metering and usage-based pricing and billing for SaaS | Product Hunt

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