Show usage and cost data back to customers with new widgets

April 28, 2022

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Amberflo Metering Cloud

Monetize APIs, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more...

A fast and accurate, fully-managed, enterprise-grade Usage Metering Service. Single API to Instrument and Meter any resource in real time.

  • Usage and Cost graph widgets
    Users can add graphs and tables showing usage and cost back to customers in the Usage and Billing Portal. These widgets stay current with real-time data from the Metering pipeline and allow you to show usage and billing data back to customers with complete accuracy and transparency.
  • Actionable Signals
    We have improved the interface for creating specific and actionable signals and notifications. Create triggers based on threshold values, percent changes, or other custom alerting rules; these signals can currently be sent via email or to a third-party solution like Slack via webhook. We are currently working to add out-of-the-box integrations with additional tools like Salesforce to add additional automated capabilities.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

Real-time, on-demand Usage-Based Metered Pricing and Billing

Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive highest levels of revenue and product adoption.

  • Distinguishing between Credits and Rewards
    We have created new documentation to help users distinguish between rewards and prepaid credits. Prepaid credits are associated to individual customers, and subtracted from the subtotal of invoices to produce the total amount due. Rewards are associated with specific meters and assigned to customers (i.e. $1 earned for every 5 API calls ingested); for customers with the active reward, rewards are earned and added to prepaid credits balance, and then applied to the customer's invoice. 
  • Salesforce integration
    Our out-of-the-box two-way integration with Salesforce will allow users to import usage and invoice data from Amberflo to Salesforce. Users can push contract and promotion details from Salesforce to Amberflo, and customer accounts will stay synced between the two systems.

News and Blog

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  • Why Price Modeling is necessary to succeed and scale with usage-based pricing
    Price Modeling is an essential capability for any business operating or considering transitioning to a usage-based pricing model. As we’ve written before, the optimal usage-based pricing plan constantly changes as the product and customer usage evolve over time. There are many events that can require a UBP adjustment. In addition to your own product evolution and roadmap, oftentimes pricing changes of your underlying cloud provider can have ripple effects into your pricing model. You need a Price Modeling tool that is available at the click of a button to operate on the current (real-time) and historical usage data, and deliver actionable insights. Read the full blog post here.

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