Usage and Billing Portal

Delight Customers with a realtime, on-demand, and interactive Usage and Billing Portal
Choose a deployment option that fits your need

No code, fully-hosted web portal

Amberflo offers a fully-hosted Customer Usage and Billing Portal on the web. Customize the site to your branding and allow customers to view and explore their own usage and billing data.

Customize portal with corporate logo and branding

Expose realtime usage data, invoices and spend data (past and current), and prepaid data

No additional charge to activate the portal

Embed pre-built UI widgets

Embed our pre-built UI components in your own application or website for a more customized user experience. UI widgets are automatically generated and will automatically call Amberflo APIs to stay up-to-date.

Customizable components are automatically generated; simply copy and paste the HTML code into your app

Widgets for usage, cost, prepaid, invoices, and to collect customer payment methods

Develop a unique customer-facing experience in minutes, not days

Amberflo UI Kit

Create custom portal objects via API

Amberflo is a developer-first platform with all functionality controllable and all data accessible via API. Leverage our APIs to access realtime data around usage, prepaid credits, and invoice amount and build your own custom customer-facing objects.

Extract any usage or billing data from Amberflo with no egress fees

Rich, regularly-updated API documentation

Automate workflows and recurring reports


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