Now You Can Monetize Generative AI, Thanks to Amberflo

August 21, 2023

In this episode of TFiR: Newsroom, Puneet Gupta, CEO and Founder of Amberflo, shares how the native integrations and support can help businesses achieve profitability from customer-facing generative AI services.

Good news for SaaS companies that want to monetize their AI/ML. Amberflo has launched a turnkey platform that enables companies to meter the consumption and generate on-demand, real-time invoicing and billing for generative AI and ChatGPT-based products and services.

On monetization:
  • Most monetization models are fixed subscription, $50 per user per month, seat-based license, user-based license fee. With generative AI, ChatGPT, large language model (LLM), one can no longer go on with a fixed model because, by default, anything AI/ML is usage-based.
  • Whether you are using your own models that are layered on top of foundational models, everything is going to come to you in the form of a consumption unit. ChatGPT uses tokens that they charge you based on the kind of query that you’re sending into the model.
  • The new way of implementation is to bake monetization into your development process. Start tackling this right from the outset by incorporating LLMs into your products and services.
  • Amberflo is essentially an end-to-end modern monetization platform.

What’s new:
  • Amberflo is a turnkey platform that enables you to meter the usage of your underlying LLM and generative AI model. You can track the number of tokens, consumed latency on the query, user feedback, number of problems, etc.
  • You can do a markup over those transactions and then charge your customers appropriately based on usage and consumption.
  • It can quickly monetize any flavor of ChatGPT and LLMs you are building, providing tremendous value out-of-the-box.
  • It can generate on-demand, real-time metered invoicing and billing for generative AI, ChatGPT-based products and services.
  • It is a highly flexible, highly customizable, accurate, real-time usage instrumentation metering system. (It is NOT observability, monitoring, or logging.)
  • It provides a standardized interface across your enterprise and will scale with time.

Who can benefit:
  • There are use cases across the spectrum. It doesn’t matter what company, what industry, what vertical, everybody is already thinking about how to incorporate generative AI and LLMs into their products and services. The moment you bring in any flavor of AI/ML, you are down the path of usage-based pricing and billing.

On Generative AI:
  • Gupta says it is not hype. It is wildly disruptive, wildly impactful, and transformative.
  • Folks are experiencing what this technology can do and how it can ripple through pretty much any use case that we can think of.
  • It’s just a matter of time before we start to see a huge onslaught on the B2B side.
  • It is going to be as big (in caliber) as Kubernetes and cloud computing, even beyond.
On Generative AI being the catalyst for usage-based pricing:
  • Since day one, which was a few years ago, Gupta and the company steadfastly held the vision that the world is going to shift to a usage-based pricing and billing model. They knew that it was inevitable because the cloud is elastic. Ultimately, that elasticity will transcend through your technology stack into how you sell your products and services. The catalyst ended up being generative AI and LLM.
  • Amberflo already has the primitives, the building blocks to really support this. It is just a very natural extension. It was simply a matter of building predefined meters on the backs of ChatGPT and these custom monetization parameters.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory and originally posted on TFiR.

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