Integrate Amberflo with Stripe in minutes

May 16, 2022
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Amberflo Metering Cloud

Monetize APIs, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more...

A fast and accurate, fully-managed, enterprise-grade Usage Metering Service. Single API to Instrument and Meter any resource in real time.

  • Common and Advanced Meter Types.
    In the Create Meter view, the meter types have been divided into Common and Advanced tabs. Each meter type is presented with an example and its aggregation logic to help users quickly select the appropriate meter for their use case.
  • Export meter data as CSV.
    We have added the ability to export meter data as a CSV file from within the UI. The data will be in raw format from usage responses, and users can decide whether to sort the data by meter, customer, or dimension. This streamlines reporting and analysis of usage activity and meter data with third-party tools.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

Real-time, on-demand Usage-Based Metered Pricing and Billing

Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive the highest levels of revenue and product adoption.

  • Revenue-based triggers for Signals.
    We allow users to define Signals based on usage or revenue triggers. Additional advanced controls over the meter, the signal conditions (less than, greater than, equal to, or percent change), any limits or time intervals to be included, and the frequency to check if the conditions are met (daily, weekly, monthly, or real time). Signals can be set on the sum of all usage across customers, for each individual customer, or for specific individual customers.
  • Integrate Amberflo with Stripe in minutes.
    Amberflo natively integrates with Stripe for securely collecting payments from your customers. Simply create the customer in Stripe and add their Stripe ID to the customer traits in Amberflo then assign the customer to a Pricing Plan. Invoices will automatically be sent to Stripe for collection at the end of the billing cycle.

News and Blog

Insightful articles and perspective from our blog.

  • Usage-based pricing is highly predictable.
    The often cited concern that UBP lacks revenue predictability is a concern that stems from not having the right set of tools. It is not a limitation of the pricing model. Despite its staying power and establishment as a standard operating model, there are still some commonly-cited criticisms against usage-based pricing that merit valid investigation and response. Tomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures summarized the main critiques well in his blog post: “Customers may be frustrated to estimate how much of a product they’ll use and the surprise of overage charges. Separately, the [company] may have to reinvent its GTM: new AE quotas, sales materials, margin calculations.” Read the full post here.

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