Amberflo has achieved SOC 2 Type II Compliance

June 15, 2022
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Amberflo has achieved SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Security has been a core priority since before the first line of code was ever written at Amberflo. We’re thrilled to announce that Amberflo has achieved SOC 2 Type II Compliance for demonstrating successful implementation and continued commitment (over a period of months) to the security procedures and controls outlined in our SOC 2 Type I audit.

Amberflo Metering Cloud

Monetize APIs, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more...

A fast and accurate, fully-managed, enterprise-grade Usage Metering Service. Single API to Instrument and Meter any resource in real time.

  • Meter locking for meters associated with active Pricing Plans
    When a Pricing Plan is activated, any meters that are attached to Product Items that make up the plan are automatically locked to further changes, and their state is changed from "Draft" to "Active." This is to prevent any changes or deletions of the meter that would lead to errors or inconsistencies on the invoice.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
    SSO is a security feature that allows IT administrators to better manage employee access to third-party accounts (in your case, the Amberflo account) and avoid the need for employees to remember one more password. When SSO is configured for your account, (new) users will be able to log in to it using their existing corporate identity.
    When they first attempt to sign in, we identify from the domain of their email that they should join a particular Amberflo account and then automatically create Amberflo logins on that corporate account for these users.

Amberflo Billing Cloud

Real-time, on-demand Usage-Based Metered Pricing and Billing

Delight customers with flexible Usage-Based Pricing (UBP) and drive highest levels of revenue and product adoption.

  • Prorate Pricing Plans
    Users have the ability to prorate the payment of a recurring fixed fee in the event where a Pricing Plan (having a recurring fixed fee) is changed mid-billing cycle.
    For example, suppose a customer is assigned to a Pricing Plan with a $100 monthly fee, but the customer is only on this plan for 2 days before deciding to upgrade to a higher plan. You are free to change their pricing plan mid-cycle, and Amberflo will automatically calculate and charge for the 2 days' worth of the monthly fee. In this case, the customer would be billed for $8.85.
  • Additional options for customization in the Customer Usage and Billing Portal
    Amberflo Customer Usage and Billing Portal allows you to expose real-time usage and invoice data to your customers in a customizable web portal, hosted by Amberflo. We have been adding new APIs to enable developer-first customization and automation using the Billing Portal. Some examples of new APIs include Usage, Invoice, and Prepaid.
    In addition to the Customer Portal, Amberflo offers the same data found in the portal as individual UI widgets which can be embedded in your own application or website. We now allow you to customize the color scheme of these widgets to fit your own corporate branding.

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