Metering Your Cloud and Charging for Value with Amberflo: Expert Interview with Puneet Gupta, CEO, with David Marshall from VMblog

April 27, 2023

In this interview, Amberflo co-founder and CEO Puneet Gupta joins David Marshall with VMblog for an Expert Interview to share experiences and best practices for enabling and scaling usage-based pricing and PLG, based on his experience as a GM at AWS. Watch the full video on YouTube here.

Some key highlights from the interview include:

  • A background of Amberflo, its founding, and what services we provide
  • Lessons learned at AWS such as the framework for innovation, being data-driven, how to scale a usage-based business, and more.
  • The value of a usage metering service for teams and functions all throughout a business
  • Why usage-based pricing is a natural fit for the cloud computing business model
  • Summary of the benefits of usage-based pricing to adoption, growth, churn reduction
  • Advice and best practices for companies looking to get started with usage-based pricing today
  • How usage-based pricing and product-led growth (PLG) complement each other
  • How metering is different from logging, monitoring, and observability

Watch the full interview here.

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