Find us at Traction Conference on a panel discussion on Usage-Based Pricing

July 15, 2022

In other news at Amberflo, co-founder and CEO Puneet Gupta will be presenting at Traction Conference in Vancouver on August 11. The talk will be led and moderated by Kyle Poyar from OpenView Ventures who has written and spoken extensively on the benefits and practicalities of usage-based pricing; Puneet and Bonney Pelley from mParticle will join the conversation to share their experiences operating and scaling businesses by leveraging usage-based pricing models throughout their respective careers.

Some specific items they will touch on during the session include determining product value, strategies and best practices for implementing and transitioning to usage-based pricing, five key metrics to track when operating a usage-based business, and how to address some common challenges such as with forecasting and sales alignment.

More information on the session and Traction Conference can be found here.

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