How to show billing and invoice data back to customers with Amberflo

May 25, 2023

We offer several different options for exposing data in Amberflo back to your customers using Amberflo Customer Usage and Billing Portal.

Customer Usage and Billing Portal has the following applications:

  1. Customer Usage and Billing Portal APIs
  2. Fully Hosted Customer Usage and Billing Portal web application.
  3. Amberflo embeddable UI components


Amberflo is a developer-friendly platform, with all functionality and data accessible via API. Call our endpoints to access realtime data on usage, invoice, and prepaid credits and leverage this in your own custom objects, applications, or website. This option requires the most custom development effort, but you can implement any custom visualizations or conditional workflows on the usage and billing data from Amberflo. There are no data egress charges or fees per API call, so you are free to create a bespoke customer-facing experience. For our API Reference, visit this page.

Hosted Web Portal

Amberflo hosts a customizable web portal which can be shown back to customers. It contains tabs showing their own usage data, invoices, and historical cost data. There is the option to enable the Alerts functionality, where customers can configure their own alerts based on trigger conditions relating to usage, invoice, or prepaid balance.

You can customize the branding of the portal with your own corporate logo and you can configure which modules are shown in Customer Portal. To do this, go to Integrations -> Customer Portal. If you require more advanced customization/styling options, consider using our UI Components or building the experience using our APIs.

Embeddable UI Components

The Amberflo UI Kit is a React component library for our customers to embed and expose data and functionality from Amberflo within their own applications or websites. Amberflo automatically generates the code for each respective widget and allows users to customize the components. UI Kit components are responsible for making the API calls automatically to stay updated with the most current data from Amberflo.

Amberflo offers pre-built UI components for:

  • Usage Table
  • Usage Graph
  • Cost Table
  • Invoice Details
  • Invoice List
  • Prepaid Summary
  • Prepaid Wallet
  • Payment Method
  • Pricing Plan

For more information on all three of these approaches, see the walkthrough in our documentation here

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