What is Cloud Metering?
Cloud Metering is a foundational building block of cloud. It forms the backbone of successfully and efficiency operating a cloud business. In business, what cannot be measured cannot be improved. In cloud, what is not metered cannot be measured.
A cloud platform or application resource to be measured.
For cloud based product and services offered on a consumptive basis, you first must meter usage to accurately calculate pricing and generate billing.
Measures, tracks, aggregates, and persists meters.
At the most basic level, a Cloud Metering Service answers the following questions -
What was used; By whom; When; for how long; How much; and,
When combined with Amberflo Pricing Plan Service, what did it cost?
What can Cloud Metering Platform do?
Delight Customers with Usage-based Pricing
Build and deploy consumptive pricing models that customers love and appreciate. Easily transition from traditional subscription and per seat based pricing to modern, cloud-friendly usage-based models.
Enable Accurate Usage Metering and Billing
Delight customers with accurate billing and usage tracking dashboards. Spend your valuable resources on your core competencies by eliminating billing remediation issues.
Drive Agility and Speed with Metering Platform
Speed matters in business. In a consumptive world, cross functional teams need real-time insights into customers usage and consumption data to drive progress and decision making.
Succeed with Actionable Business Insights
Cloud Metering is the backbone that drives technology and business operations efficiency in the cloud. It delivers actionable insights to all functional teams - Product, Operations, Sales, Support, Finance, and more.