Use Case

Track back-end resource consumption

  • Monitor solution performance and back-end costs of delivering service; spot changes to cloud configurations with potential to impact costs before the bill arrives.
  • Identify how costs, profits, and margins trend over time to help refine GTM strategy and product development.
  • Meter high-priority tasks and resources with complete accuracy and visibility

Expand the scope of your metering pipeline

Deploy meters to instrument beyond core front-end user activity that is necessary for billing; correlate front-end usage to back-end resource consumption (easy to do in a distributed cloud environment since every user action results in some action on the back-end) and deploy meters to track this consumption as well. This data creates visibility into back-end costs and real-time solution performance. Amberflo provides meter aggregation rules to handle any use case or resource out-of-the-box, and guarantees the accuracy and completeness of the meter data.

Track cloud costs and identify changed configurations in real time

With meters in place to track back-end consumption with 100 percent accuracy, you can leverage this data against the pricing details in your SLAs from cloud providers (or use the cost calculators they provide) to generate real-time visibility to your own cloud costs from providing service to customers. Index these costs by customer or meter to identify the customers and product items that are driving the highest and lowest margins to help refine your GTM strategy. Also see how updates or changes from the cloud provider impact your own usage and costs, with the ability to identify and correct any significant differences before they cause cost overruns.

Create Signals for 24/7 anomaly detection

Define Signals to monitor system usage, cost, and performance. Signals can be set at the system, customer, or meter level to track usage or revenue/cost, giving you the flexibility to monitor your solution when and how you would like. Set triggers based on a threshold value or percent change, and choose whether the conditions are checked daily, weekly, monthly, or in real time. Identify any deviation or anomaly as soon as it takes place; Signals can be sent to email, Slack, or other third-party tools via webhook, giving you the ability to stay informed and take immediate action wherever necessary.

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