Use Case

Prepaid or Credits

Add predictability to usage-based pricing plans with prepayment.

  • Allow customers to purchase credits for usage up-front
  • Automate credit balance monitoring and repurchase
  • Improve your financial performance by increasing revenue predictability

Create full transparency and predictability around your pricing plans

Create recurring revenue for your business by enabling customers to purchase Prepaid Credits instead of using the Pay-as-you-go approach. This adds spend predictability for both parties; in most cases it provides additional value to customers with volume-based discounts for prepaid purchases.

Manage all aspects of Credits in Amberflo

All prepaid credits are managed by Amberflo in real time.  When a customer purchases credits (i.e. purchase a certain amount of credits at the start of each month), a prepaid card is created with the corresponding amount of credits and added to the customer Wallet.
Customers can purchase additional credits on an as-needed basis which will be added to the Wallet as additional cards. The Wallet automatically adds up all non-expired prepaid credits and records this as the balance. Usage is then tracked, aggregated, and drawn-down against this balance in real time.

Increase sales and operations productivity

Free sales and customer success teams from time spent tracking customer usage and managing custom credit offers for each account. Amberflo keeps track of everything in real-time so customers’ prepaid balances are always correct. Create signals and alerts so account teams can be notified when prepaid balances drop below a certain threshold to trigger personalized outreach, or automate the workflow via webhook and direct customers to purchase additional credits for themselves.

Eliminate billing surprises and add spend predictability

Since usage is tracked and billed in real time, customers can visualize their usage and identify trends and patterns. This allows for the creation of accurate forecasts and estimates for future consumption. Using these estimates, customers and account teams can identify the necessary spend to meet current and projected future needs. Finance departments and budgeting teams love the predictability and consistency across billing cycles, while users can leverage the full value of your solution without restrictions or workarounds.

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