Use Case

Pay-as-you-go billing

The most fair and transparent pricing, charge customers only for what is consumed.

  • No feature gating or capability restrictions to unlock value and drive adoption
  • Real-time usage metering, aggregation, and invoicing
  • Eliminate surprise charges with alerts and customer-facing dashboards

Unlock your product’s full value and drive rapid adoption

By offering your solution full-featured, ungated, AWS-style, customers can realize the full value of the solution without imposing friction from changing pricing tiers, looping in sales for contracting and negotiation, or other operational hurdles that prolong technology procurement in subscription/seat-based paradigm. Customers can use the features and capabilities that they need and the activity is metered with 100 percent accuracy behind-the-scenes by Amberflo Metering Cloud.

Provide real-time visibility to product usage and consumption

Amberflo Metering Cloud tracks, persists, aggregates, and visualizes system usage and consumption in real time. Create visibility and awareness for cross-functional teams throughout your organization as to, “which customer consumed what resources/services, at what time, and in what quantities?” Amberflo supports multiple aggregation rules out-of-the-box, allowing you to track anything from standard sum of events, to unique count, running total that can increase and decrease, and event duration. All usage is automatically shown in the Usage Explorer view in real time.

Automatically charge customers and generate metered invoices

Amberflo Billing Cloud is integrated with the metering service, automatically translating raw usage to billable events that appear on metered invoices. Simply create Product Items by associating the meter which tracks the corresponding usage, and add these Product Items to a Pricing Plan. Invoices are created automatically and kept up-to-date in real time, allowing sales and operations teams to eliminate error-prone and time-consuming spreadsheet-based billing systems. Amberflo integrates with Stripe and automatically delivers invoices at the end of each billing cycle, allowing you to charge customers in minutes without needing to write significant code or implement additional tools.

Eliminate surprise charges

Expose usage and billing data to customers with the Customer Usage and Billing Portal, in a fully-customizable, branded view. Show real-time usage and billing dashboards, and invoices to customers in a self-service portal or embed components from our UI-Kit in your own custom application. Allow customers to define signals and notifications when usage or invoice amount crosses a set threshold value or percentage change to stay constantly aware of system usage and costs and eliminate billing surprises.

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