Use Case

Meter any resource

  • Meter cloud infrastructure, API endpoints, edge and IoT networks, or any other resource, in just minutes
  • Ingest events manually in the UI or ingest events in real time as they occur using our API or SDKs
  • Customize meters with any additional properties or metadata needed for your reporting and analytics processes with dimensions

Metering for any resource

Amberflo is domain agnostic and built as the metering service for the world. Meter cloud infrastructure, APIs, SaaS applications, edge networks, and more. There are no charges for creating additional meters or adding dimensions to those meters, so we encourage users to meter their solution exhaustively.

Ingestion options for any use case or latency requirements

Manually input events at any point in the Amberflo console, or set up automated, real-time pipelines to ingest meter data to Amberflo as it occurs using our SDKs. Our SDKs come in several languages including Python, Java, Typescript, and Go and are built with additional capabilities included like batching and flushing. You can also write events to S3 and connect Amberflo to the bucket to automatically ingest meter data from that source; this approach sacrifices some latency but is guaranteed by the availability SLA from AWS.

Add any metadata or properties as Dimensions to enable analytics and reporting

Meters in Amberflo can be customized with any additional properties, identifiers, or other tags (metadata) to streamline analytics and reporting. Amberflo allows users to search and filter usage data, and even bill customers based on these Dimensions which are associated with the meter. In the Usage and Revenue Explorers, users are free to explore, query, and visualize data using Dimensions as pivots.

Build flexible usage-based pricing plans on top of the meter data

Amberflo allows users to operationalize the metering pipeline for usage-based pricing and billing. Amberflo Metering Cloud integrates with Amberflo Billing Cloud, allowing users to create and deploy custom usage-based pricing plans where usage is tracked, aggregated, and persisted on metered invoices in real time. That said, Metering and Billing are disparate services within Amberflo, so users are encouraged to meter their solution exhaustively, independent from pricing and billing, and then use the intelligence from the meter data to inform and optimize the creation of usage-based pricing plans.

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