Use Case

Build hybrid pricing plans in Amberflo

  • Enjoy the benefits of usage-based pricing and regular, recurring payments in one Pricing Plan
  • Allow customers to control costs, eliminate shelfware, and pay for exactly the capabilities they need
  • Begin implementing a metering pipeline for real-time usage tracking, analytics, and billing

Usage-based pricing at your own pace

While the benefits of UBP are widely-discussed, we understand that not all businesses are able to immediately pivot their pricing strategy to a completely new model. Amberflo allows you to build hybrid pricing plans that combine usage-based elements with a recurring, fixed cost each billing cycle, akin to a subscription or platform fee. Develop a metering infrastructure and leverage our Price Modeling tool to tweak and optimize your pricing plans based on real-time usage data from the metering system.

Balance revenue predictability with transparency

Similar to the Prepaid approach, having a recurring fixed cost ensures a predictable bottom-end revenue number that finance teams can use when budgeting and forecasting for the future. Include core or baseline capabilities with the recurring cost. For those features or capabilities where increased usage directly leads to increased value realization, offering them on a consumption-basis increases transparency and allows customers to align their spend with the value delivered by the solution.

Iterate and optimize your Pricing Plans

If it is on the strategic roadmap to fully transition to usage-based pricing, the flexibility of the usage-based components and the underlying metering infrastructure that enable it allow users to seamlessly iterate the usage-based pricing plans to include more and more of the platform or portfolio, while always preserving the ability to charge a recurring fixed rate. Use Price Modeling to explore how charging different rates or including different Product Item configurations impacts revenue to arrive at an optimized Pricing Plan for your business and customer base. Continue to iterate and explore with no usage limits or caps on the number of models you can create in Amberflo to constantly one step ahead with your pricing strategy.

Meter everything, even if it isn’t being charged for (yet)

The Metering system operates independent from the Billing application; you are free and encouraged to meter as many events (and as many characteristics of these events) as possible. A comprehensive set of meters within the product provides accurate, granular usage data to inform product decisions and future pricing decisions. Identify new charge vectors and usage patterns and use this intelligence to build and test new Pricing Plans. The more historical meter data that is present in the system, the more accurate your forecasts will be and the more flexibility you have to explore different Pricing Plans with the Price Modeling tool.

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