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Drive Customer Success with Amberflo

  • Identify usage patterns, adoption trends, and emerging use cases for your solution
  • Communicate targeted and personalized recommendations and advice to customers based on their own usage profile
  • Identify points of friction and customers at risk of dropping off to take proactive steps

Surface usage patterns and adoption trends in real time

Track usage in real-time and begin monitoring customer journeys from day one with Amberflo Metering Cloud. From the moment meters are deployed, gather real-time intelligence on product usage and consumption to identify usage patterns, user personas, and adoption data. Track this data with complete accuracy and stay notified of any significant changes using Signals. Make this data available to any user or team in Amberflo or export the data to a third-party tool for no additional cost.

Develop relevant and targeted user journeys and marketing collateral

With accurate and granular visibility into product usage at a system level and customer level, you are able to develop personalized and targeted user journeys, case studies, and other collateral that engages and adds value for your customers. Leverage the Usage Explorer to uncover user personas and the most common use cases for your solution, then produce messaging, case studies, and tutorials that target those specific users and challenges. In a usage-based context, your marketing and customer-facing content should serve to educate customers and prospects and add value beyond simply generating brand awareness.

Engage customers with value-add recommendations and advice

Empower sales teams and account managers with current and accurate information about usage and consumption, allowing them to curate personalized, proactive outreach that is specific to their use case and stage in the customer journey. By engaging with customers on an ongoing basis with the goal of providing support and advice, move your sales motion beyond being deal-centric and truly become customer-obsessed. Create Signals to notify account managers of changes to usage or revenue, allowing them to step in at precisely the correct moment, armed with the accurate and complete information they need.

Support customers through difficult situations and changing conditions

With real-time visibility to customer usage and adoption via the Usage and Revenue Explorers in Amberflo, uncover areas of friction and common drop-off points to spot the customers that are most likely to churn and engage them with value-add content and services. Create custom Rewards and Promotions in the Billing Cloud to get difficult negotiations across the finish line and curate custom pricing options for specific customers as-needed. Then use this intelligence to inform product updates and development to improve the user experience overall and reduce churn over the long run.

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