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Usage-Based Billing for API Products

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  • Implement custom pricing for each endpoint
  • Drop-in usage and billing dashboard components
  • Automate meter ingestion, processing, and invoice generation

Create a premier developer experience

Self-service tools and real-time analytics

Each time an API is accessed, the event is captured by Amberflo Metering Service, tracking which user made the call, when it happened, and any other custom metadata included as a Dimension. Meter events are aggregated in real-time as they are ingested according to the type of meter rule configured for the API meter (e.g. Unique Count).

Track API usage and performance in real time

Meters can be defined to capture all aspects of an API transaction, such as API payload, volume of data, type of request, processing time per API call, and more. Amberflo has a variety of meter types available out-of-the-box to support different aggregation rules, including Sum, Max, Duration, Unique Count, Running Total, and Long-Lasting. Monitor API usage and performance without writing additional code or integrating with additional tools.

Custom pricing plans and automatic Invoicing

This usage is automatically correlated with the customer facing Product Item(s) (e.g. API Count) in real time, to produce up-to-date usage metering dashboards, cost incurred, and metered invoices. This data is available, on demand, at any point in the billing cycle.

Prepaid credits and automatic draw-down

Enable modern Credits-based pricing plans. Incentivize customers with discounts to pre-pay and buy in bulk, using prepaid (annual, recurring, or custom) credits. Amberflo keeps track of the full-lifecycle of credits management, draw-down, reporting, and renewals.

Drop-in usage and billing components

Amberflo provides several options to integrate usage, billing, and invoicing data and dashboards into your application. i) Amberflo hosted Usage and Billing Portal, ii) Usage and Billing API, and ii) Web UI-Kit.

Automatic payment processing via Stripe

Amberflo is natively integrated with Stripe, allowing for payment collection. Since Amberflo is itself an API-first platform, any data and artifacts from the platform are accessible via API, allowing users to create customer-facing dashboards and visualizations, or extract raw usage data from Amberflo for downstream systems and applications.

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