How to create custom reports and dashboards in Amberflo
Stand out from your competitors

The market is shifting towards product-led growth with usage-based pricing. Differentiate from competitors and disrupt the status quo with flexible and customer-friendly pricing optimized for your business. We have the expertise and technology to help build, implement, and refine a usage-based pricing strategy for your business, regardless of your level of experience or level of pricing maturity.

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Legacy billing solutions are not built for the unique requirements of usage-based pricing, and building the infrastructure internally can take months or even years

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According to research from OpenView Partners, by 2023 over 50 percent of SaaS companies will offer some form of usage-based pricing. Stay ahead of the trend with flexible and modern usage-based pricing that is dialed in specific to your business

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Our founding team has experience building, scaling, and operating usage-based businesses at AWS, Informatica, Microsoft, and others. We have seen what is need to operate a successful usage-based business at the largest scale from the executive role.

Deliver personalized interactions with every touch

In a product-led world, sales teams need to shift from pushing product to serving as trusted partners and consultative guides. Amberflo helps you to track and analyze customer usage so each interaction is personalized, relevant, and value-add.

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Set your up-selling and cross-selling motions up for success with accurate, up-to-date product usage and adoption data

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Equip customer success teams with the most complete and granular user data to recommend new use cases, troubleshoot issues, and stay up to date on key customer activities

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Our managed application for Salesforce allows account teams to manage customer onboarding, provisioning, discounting, reporting, and more all without ever leaving the familiar Salesforce interface

Reduce churn and delight your customers

There’s a reason companies like AWS and Snowflake have entire teams of engineers dedicated to these systems. Without similar scale and resources, why copy their approach? Focus your teams on product development and differentiation and alloUsage-based pricing is the most fair, transparent, and customer-preferred pricing model available. Give customers predictability and control over their regular spend and reduce friction when adopting and scaling up usage of your product.w us to save you the time, money, and opportunity cost.