Usage-Based Billing for SaaS and Applications

Get up and running in under 15 minutes
  • Implement custom pricing for any product or endpoint
  • Drop-in usage and billing dashboard components
  • Automate meter ingestion, processing, and invoice generation
  • End-to-end usage-based billing for SaaS products

Meter any SaaS product in minutes

Each time a (metered) action takes place in your solution, a corresponding event is sent to Amberflo. To ensure this, we offer flexible ingestion options to suit your existing architecture, proposed meter volume, and latency needs. We offer SDKs in a number of languages to integrate directly with your application, and can also pull meters from an existing metering pipeline, logging system, or even AWS location like S3 or SQS.

Meter and charge based on any action in your service, such as unique user logins, the number of messages sent or support tickets resolved, the duration of a video call, or even the number of vulnerabilities surfaced by a malware scanner. Begin tracking, aggregating, and visualizing real-time usage in minutes.

Self-service tools and real-time analytics

Each time an API is accessed or user action is taken, the event is captured by Amberflo Metering Service, tracking which user made the call, when it happened, and any other custom metadata included as a Dimension. Meter events are aggregated in real time as they are ingested according to the type of meter rule configured for that meter.

Group and filter usage data over any time range and by any custom dimension to uncover usage patterns, areas of friction or low adoption, and other insights to guide your business.. Create and share custom usage reports throughout your organization and make Amberflo the single source of truth for system usage and consumption.

Drop-in usage and billing components

Amberflo provides several options to integrate usage, billing, and invoicing data and dashboards into your application. i) Amberflo hosted Usage and Billing Portal, ii) Usage and Billing API, and ii) Web UI-Kit.

After configuring the meter data pipeline, build custom usage-based pricing plans in minutes, then test and optimize on live usage data with Price Modeling. The system is fully self-service and built to encourage rapid experimentation and iteration with no extra charges based on the number of pricing plans, product items, or price modeling analyses run.

Enterprise billing models such as prepayment and commitments

Create more predictability with your usage-based business and enjoy the best of both worlds. Many larger and enterprise customers want predictability around annual spend while still enjoying the flexibility of usage-based pricing. Amberflo support prepaid models, commitments with custom terms and automatic “true-up”,

Customers of all sizes can look to incentivize customers to prepay with volume-based discounting for prepaid credits. Amberflo keeps track of all aspects of credits management, such as draw-down with usage, reporting and alerting based on balance, and the ability to automate repurchase.

Automatic payment processing via Stripe

Amberflo is natively integrated with Stripe, allowing for payment collection. Since Amberflo is itself an API-first platform, any data and artifacts from the platform are accessible via API, allowing users to create customer-facing dashboards and visualizations, or extract raw usage data from Amberflo for downstream systems and applications.

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