Amberflo for IoT

  • Meter distributed networks with total accuracy and full control of reporting granularity
  • Support IoT project at any scale - from sensor networks to autonomous vehicles
  • SDKs built to operate in an asynchronous environment without compromising performance
  • Flexible meter data structure to enable easy analytics and data segmentation
  • Guarantee consistent asset performance with real-time alerting and automation for issue resolution

Meter devices and endpoints anywhere with complete accuracy

Amberflo provides the tooling to meter any network or any number of devices. Easily ingest, reconcile, and aggregate events collected asynchronously from across your network. From the moment we receive an event from your system, we guarantee full provenance and ownership with a complete audit trail available as needed.

Meter and Monetize IoT at any scale - from sensor networks to self-driving vehicles

Amberflo can handle use cases of any event volume or complexity. The platform was built to be domain-agnostic and viable for any application of usage metering and usage-based pricing. From the simplest smart home sensor network to complex factory monitoring use cases with thousands of connected devices, or even metering for autonomous vehicles – at any scale or event volume, Amberflo delivers real-time performance and total accuracy.

Developer-first architecture and SDKs to streamline meter data pipeline setup

Amberflo offers out-of-the-box SDKs to streamline data ingestion, with automated functions such as batching and flushing to support asynchronous ingestion in a distributed environment. Rest assured that your infrastructure is being metered in real time with total accuracy, regardless of the scale of events you are sending. Amberflo was built on a serverless, autoscaling architecture with the highest throughput use cases in mind. We can support use cases of billions of meter events per month without sacrificing performance or security.

Easily visualize usage across devices, locations, and custom fields

Our flexible meter data structure allows you to augment events with custom metadata, called dimensions in Amberflo. Add dimensions to track across devices, locations, networks, and any other custom field. You can then filter and query data based on these dimensions to allow for custom reporting and analytics as needed.

Real-time Signals to ensure max awareness and performance across sensor and asset networks

Create real-time visibility and awareness into the health and performance of IoT assets across networks and locations with Signals. Create custom alerts based on percent or absolute change to inform stakeholders of any changes or errors to ensure minimal downtime. Enable downstream automation based on IoT data by configuring Signals with webhooks to take action in third-party systems accordingly.

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