Amberflo for FinTech

  • Accurate, scalable billing for FinTech solutions at any scale
  • Easily create transaction-level auditability for customer trust and regulation compliance
  • Enable downstream automation with external tools
DV Subramanyam Dronamraju
Founder & CEO,
We were deeply impressed by Amberflo's domain knowledge of Usage-Based Pricing and Billing models, and their platform-centric approach to metering and billing. Amberflo's platform solution stood out as the most advanced, feature-rich, and cost-effective."
Flexible billing for FinTech – today and into the future

Enjoy total flexibility to create any plans or models you may choose. Focus on growing your business with confidence that your billing infrastructure is flexible to handle any monetization model and scalable to support your needs at any size.

Out-of-the-box support for taxation, promotions, transaction-based pricing, rewards, multiple rating models including fixed rate add-ons

Metered invoices are automatically generated in realtime and viewable on-demand at all times throughout the billing cycle

Guaranteed accuracy and availability whether you are metering usage for a single API or thousands of customers worldwide

Deliver FinTech solutions with complete trust and transaction-level visibility

Meter solution usage to whatever granularity your business requires, even down to the individual transaction. Create real-time visibility for internal teams and customers so each user is empowered with up-to-date knowledge regarding their usage and transactions.

Meter each transaction to curate a complete audit trail for every transaction processed by your solution

Real-time invoices are available at all times, and all transaction data can be made queryable for users and customers

Leverage Amberflo to build trust and bill customers with complete transparency

Event-Based Automation

Build event-based or transaction-based alerts and automations. As soon as a transaction is completed or a new customer account is created, enable downstream actions in third-party systems via webhook.

Leverage our Workato integration framework to develop custom recipes and workflows for complex processes

Notify customers, account teams, and other stakeholders when notable usage or billing thresholds are crossed

Product and sales teams can create and manage custom alerts without writing code or involving engineering resources