DevTools and AI

Jumpstart your PLG motion with usage-based pricing

Many of the fastest-growing and most well-adopted tools are launching (or transitioning to) usage-based pricing models. Cybersecurity solutions, productivity tools, automation and application deployment technologies, and other areas are all natural fits for usage-based pricing models as the value they deliver is clearly correlated to the usage of the tool. Developer tools are a natural fit for a self-service or PLG motion. Developers want to use a tool in the moment when it’s needed, rather than wait through an entire sales and negotiation cycle to be eventually given a login.

Offer trials, tiers, discounts, and promotions to attract users and drive adoption

Position your solution for success by offering free trials and tiers, then look to monetize after developing a loyal user base that recognizes the value provided. Amberflo provides full controls for offering and managing trials, discounts, and free tiers, along with a full suite of alerting and lifecycle management capabilities to enable contextual upsells and seamless transitioning of users between plans.

Generate full visibility to model training and performance

AI-based tools and solutions are also a natural fit for a usage-based business model. AI models are expensive to build, train, and run, so organizations are accustomed to clearly defining the value realized from these solutions, often on a per-model or per-query basis. Performance of AI solutions can often be directly correlated to the size of the model (number of parameters) and the resources used training it.

It’s only natural for users that build and train larger models more often to pay more than users who leverage simpler models that are trained infrequently on small datasets.

Effortless usage-based billing for any AI technology

With Amberflo it is effortless to meter your AI solutions to create precise visibility into what resources are consumed and how this scales with the size and complexity of the model. Amberflo also allows you to bill customers based on their consumption of resources such as when building and training models, or on a pure per-use basis when interacting with models like pay-per-query or pay-per-prediction. Amberflo is built to handle any workload or data volume, so even the largest models or AI workloads can be easily supported on our platform.

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