Usage and Billing Analytics

Empower any user on your team to query and uncover insights from realtime usage and invoice data in Amberflo.
Filter and group data by any dimension or time range to create custom reports then share reports freely across your team at no additional charge.


Visualize Usage and Billing data in Realtime

From the moment meters are ingested to Amberflo, usage is visualized and queryable in the Usage Explorer. If that usage is associated with a Pricing Plan, you can view and query the revenue data in real-time as well in the Revenue Explorer. There are time-consuming uploads or refreshes necessary; you can be sure that every time you view or query data in Amberflo, you are presented with accurate, up-to-date results.

Create and share custom reports

Build custom reports to answer specific queries and save these visualizations to revisit later or to share with stakeholders. Custom reports can be saved in Amberflo for any permissioned user to view and create their own; reports can also be shared via URL with users outside of Amberflo.

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Query full time series usage and revenue data in seconds

Filter data by customer, meter, or custom dimension to uncover insights from the meter and revenue data in Amberflo. All aggregation and filtering is done automatically, so when you define the query parameters the appropriate data is shown in seconds with no code or configuration required. The same is true for slicing over the time stream with different date ranges and intervals – no coding needed and accurate, real-time results surfaced in seconds.

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Select the optimal view

Easily toggle between graph and table view within the Usage and Revenue Explorers to display data according to the audience and business requirements. Explore trends, identify deviation over a time interval, and communicate the data in the most effective visualization for its audience and purpose. Export data in raw format by customer or meter to enable custom analysis in third-party analytics tools.

Any number of users at no additional cost

Create accounts for any user or team within your organization by navigating to the Settings tab and inviting team members to join with an email invitation. There are no charges based on the number of queries or number of users, so you are encouraged to make the meter data accessible to all relevant parties in your organization. Amberflo is positioned to serve as the single source of truth for system usage and consumption and we invite you to leverage this data across your organization and technology stack to unlock its value.

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