Usage and Billing Analytics

Empower teams to uncover actionable insights from realtime usage and invoice data in Amberflo.

Uncover usage patterns, customer segments, and more

Usage-based pricing inherently offers a more detailed and granular view of how customers use and derive value. Amberflo delivers these insights at your fingertips. It enables you to know your customer in realtime.

Enable your PLG motion with realtime usage and spend information for more targeted customer outreach

Indentify new customer segments and usage profiles from your system data

Optimize pricing, product packaging, and GTM efforts with custom reports and analytics in Amberflo

Query Realtime Usage and Revenue Data

Amberflo is a realtime system; as meters are ingested, they are processed and aggregated in realtime. Users can view and analyze aggregated usage data and patterns from the moment of ingestion, including current charges and billing.

Allow internal teams and customers to view their precise usage and spend in realtime throughout the billing period

Build greater transparency with customers and increase internal predictability with deeper understanding of usage and revenue trends

Empower any users from your team to create custom queries and reports from any system data at no additional charge

Apply Groupings and Filters

No two usage-based businesses are the same, so Amberflo allows users to create custom groupings and filters from metered data with dimensions to support any reporting or analytical need.

Drill down into any usage or billing metric by customer or isolate further with by-dimension grouping and analysis

Query all data without code from the UI or automate custom queries via API

See all individual events as they come in with the 'By Event' view for auditing and resolving disputes

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