Enable Sales Teams to turn Product Usage into Revenue

Up-level Customer Success by delivering actionable insights directly into Salesforce with Amberflo's drop-in AppExchange Native Application for Salesforce

Operate a modern, usage-based business with robust CPQ capabilities from within Salesforce

Operate a modern, usage-based business from within Salesforce

Modernize your sales motion to emphasize customer retention and existing account growth, as well as new customer acquisition

Deliver timely and targeted recommendations for cross-sell and up-sell, all based on real-time usage and billing dashboards

Customer Success becomes proactive with real-time and actionable customer insights

Empower customer-facing teams with real-time usage data to deliver impactful, value-add customer touchpoints

See real-time usage and consumption data for every customer record in Salesforce

Manage provisioning, discounts, credits, pricing plans, and CPQ workflows

Provision customers, view usage, apply discounts, and more without ever leaving the familiar Salesforce interface

View the real-time prepaid balance for any customer and add credits as needed

Monitor customer usage patterns and account health

Identify usage patterns, seasonality, segments, and other insights from Amberflo Dashboards

Create alerts to stay aware of any dropping or skyrocketing usage, then take the appropriate action

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