Salesforce Managed Application

Allow finance and account teams to leverage Amberflo using tools they are already familiar with and interact with daily.
Download our Salesforce managed application today to enjoy robust CPQ capabilities for your usage-based business.

Provision customers and assign pricing plans with ease

Create customers, provision resources and pricing plans, or even create custom commitments all without ever leaving Salesforce.

Manage customers and usage-based pricing plans with the same familiar CRM tool

Objects created in Amberflo will appear in Salesforce and Salesforce users can create new Amberflo objects from within Salesforce

Easily view any customer with associated pricing plans, promotions, and usage

Take full control over prepaid credits, discounts, and alerting

Aware prepaid credits to customers, apply discounts and promotions, and create custom alerts based on usage or revenue thresholds, all from inside Salesforce.

Create new prepaid cards in minutes - just specify the amount, the start and expiration date for the credits, and any conditions

Choose between available promotions synced from Amberflo or create your own in minutes

Configure existing alerts or create new alerts based on usage or revenue events to stay notified of key customer activity in real time

See real-time usage reports to guide proactive outreach

Usage reports from Amberflo can be synced to Salesforce to centralize relevant customer data in the CRM and provide a 360-degree view into customer usage for future outreach.

Augment customer records in Salesforce with real-time usage for each customer broken down by meter or dimension value

Leverage 360-degree visibility into customer usage and consumption to drive proactive conversations around cross- and up-sales

Jumpstart your PLG motion with real usage data to guide product roadmap and GTM actions

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