Price Modeling and Optimization

Create Pricing Intelligence by simulating and analyzing different pricing plans against real historical usage data from your customer base.
Explore the impact of changes to product rates, configurations, or packages to ensure your plan is optimized before going into production.


Built for experimentation

Since usage patterns change, your customer base grows and evolves, and your product changes with each update cycle, your pricing strategy must also be dynamic to adjust to changing circumstances and capitalize on new customer behaviors to maximize growth (see our blog on this topic here). Amberflo allows you to build and test as many Pricing Plans and Product Items as you would like; be free to experiment and optimize without worrying about incurring additional charges per plan or model created.

Explore new plans or pricing strategies

Price Modeling allows you to build and compare up to three different Pricing Plans against each other by testing them against historical meter data. Test new plans or strategies against existing plans to perform what-if analysis and evaluate strategic shifts to inform final decisions. The more meters you are tracking, the more freedom you have to build plans and scenarios and then backtest these against historical usage.

Analyze and compare plan performance

See how different changes to Product Item rates or configurations impact topline revenue, then drill down to see how the effects are felt by each individual customer. You can also dive into each model to compare plans at the Product Item level, helping to refine pricing ratios, tier amounts, and block sizes.

Iterate and analyze exhaustively

With Amberflo you are free to build and test as much as you would like. You can export the results of any Price Modeling simulation as a CSV file to display in third-party reporting tools and share with external stakeholders. You can also invite as many team members into Amberflo with their own account to build and test plans without restrictions on users or capacity.

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