Price Modeling

Build pricing plans that drive the highest levels of revenue and product adoption.
Explore the impact of price changes and ensure your plans are optimized.

Simulate Pricing Plan Performance

Run the selected pricing plans against historical data from the metering service to visualize how a pricing plan performs. Understand how different customers and customer segments are impacted before pushing pricing changes live to production.

Configure the time range and restrict analysis to a select group of customers for granular control over the model

See model results by Customer, by Product Item, or by Pricing Plan (if comparing more than one)

Inform data-backed pricing decisions

Analyze and Compare Plans

A/B test and compare the results from two different pricing plans in Amberflo. Experiment and iterate freely with draft plans to ensure you go live with optimized pricing.

Experiment faster by modifying draft plans from directly within the model view

No limit or additional cost to number of pricing plans or price models created

Save and Share Models Across Your Team

Save and share price models to members of your team, and allow team members to create their own models. There are no additional charges per team member added or per pricing model created.

Save the model for easy access in Amberflo and share models easily via URL

Role-based access controls for allowing other team members to view and create price models

Export model results to a CSV file for analysis in third-party tools

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