A platform approach to integrations.

Platform can be fully operated programmatically via APIs, and data in Amberflo can be queries and extracted via APIs.

Additionally, we have a growing list of native integrations and connectors to leading applications to facilitate quick deployment and time to market.

Query full time series usage and revenue data in seconds.

Metering Cloud

Integrations for Metering Cloud are intended for streamline ingestion and extraction of usage data from a variety of sources and systems.

Many customers already have some form of usage instrumentation in place, whether that be a homegrown metering pipeline or some logs-based system. Rather than supplanting this entirely, Amberflo can take events from this existing stream rather than forcing you to re-instrument your solution. This allows customers to get up and running with realtime usage data in Amberflo in days, not months, regardless of their architecture or level of metering sophistication.
Meter data ingestion options for Amberflo Metering Cloud:
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Amberflo SDKs or API
Pre-built SDKs for Python, Java, Typescript, and Go automatically handle batching, flushing, and async ingestion to Amberflo; or connect directly to Amberflo API endpoints to manually configure ingestion.
Stage meter data to AWS S3 for pre-aggregation before ingestion to Amberflo or to guarantee AWS SLAs for ingestion pipeline availability. Amberflo will provision the S3 bucket for customers upon request at no additional charge.
Leverage a message streaming service like AWS SQS for ingestion for high-volume use cases. Events from the SQS queue are saved to S3 before processing and ingestion to Amberflo.
AWS CloudWatch
Configure Amberflo's Serverless Agent for AWS Cloudwatch to automatically extract data from CloudWatch logs into Amberflo as meters.
Elastic LogStash
Use Logstash's rich language for parsing metering data out of your logs and repositories. The integration leverages the Logstash S3 output plugin and writes the metering records to the Amberflo S3 bucket.
Databases and JDBC-enabled sources
Use Amberflo SDKs to read data from the JDBC source and write it into Amberflo as meter events. Or use a local agent or ETL tool to push data from JDBC source into S3, then ingest to Amberflo from S3.
Multiple file formats such as csv and json
Use Amberflo SDKs to read data from the file and write it into Amberflo as meter events. Or use a local agent or ETL tool to push data from the file into S3, then ingest to Amberflo from S3.
POSTMAN collections
Securely interact with the Amberflo APIs by using a POSTMAN collection. Backfill batches meter events or configure regular ingestion jobs.

Billing Cloud

Integrations for Billing Cloud are more diverse and varied in scope, with the intention of extending Billing Cloud functionality to both upstream and downstream systems such as CRM, Accounting, Payments, and ETL automation platforms.
Amberflo integrates with Stripe to process and collect payment of invoices at the conclusion of each billing period. Customers in Amberflo are associated with customers in Stripe via the Stripe ID, which allows for invoices generated in Amberflo to be sent to Stripe for payment from the corresponding customer.
AWS Marketplace
Amberflo provides out-of-the-box support for selling on AWS Marketplace. Amberflo integrates with your Marketplace listing, and the updated billing amount for each customer is reported to AWS approximately every six hours. AWS Marketplace is only receiving the amount due - all the pricing logic is handled by Amberflo, so you're still enabled the full flexibility of the platform with use of promotions, rewards, credits, and other pricing options.
Automate the delivery of invoices to NetSuite from Amberflo for billing and reconciliation. The integration is one-way, with data from Amberflo being sent to NetSuite via webhook and then mapped to NetSuite objects.
Our managed application for Salesforce empowers users to manage the full lifecycle of customer onboarding and provisioning without ever leaving their familiar Salesforce workflow. This includes capabilities for pricing plan selection, custom discounts and promotions, prepaid and commit transactions, invoice viewing, and real-time usage and billing analytics.
Amberflo can be easily configured as a source to any Workato Recipe to automate workflows. Combined with our Signals functionality for notifying with the Workato connector (such as using a signal as the trigger which kicks off a workflow), build any automated process to suit your business.