Customer Usage and Billing Portal

Delight Customers with on-demand usage and billing data via a customizable customer portal
Create a hosted web application or embed selected components from our UI Kit to create your own custom experiences.


Cost and Usage Explorer

The Cost and Usage Explorers allow customers to view and explore costs or usage by time, product item, or other custom dimension. Customers can see usage trends in real time to forecast future usage and understand key vectors that influence consumption, and correlate the value of that usage directly to the cost. Allow your customers to stay informed at all times and eliminate surprises with their bill by defining specific thresholds to receive alerts or take action when they are met.

Usage Predictability
On-demand Metered Invoices

With metered invoices, we enable our clients to move beyond static invoices delivered at the end of each payment period, by providing complete transparency around billing and invoicing to their customers. Real-time, metered invoices can be viewed at any point throughout the billing period. Each Product Item on the invoice also shows the amount of each item that was consumed in the pay period. This data is fully auditable, so anything that appears on the invoice can be verified in the system, either via API extraction or through the Cost and Usage Explorers.

Amberflo Customer Portal
Customizable UI Kit

The Customer Usage and Billing Portal is fully customizable with your own corporate branding and style elements. You can define the level of data granularity you wish to expose, the preset dashboards that are presented to customers, and any alerts or notifications to be set. The elements can be embedded in a separate web application as widgets or the portal can be hosted on the web with users redirected to it via a hyperlink. Amberflo provides you full control over the billing experience you surface to your customers.

Amberflo UI Kit

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