Amberflo Cloud Metering Platform
Meter, track and instrument usage-based features and resources of your applications and services.
Cloud Metering
Cloud applications and services are built using elastic resources that scale up and down based on usage. Internal teams and customers need visibility into which product features and resources are being used, how much, and when.
A cloud application or service resource to be measured and tracked. A meter can be anything that you wish to accurately track and calculate its usage over time.
Measures, tracks, aggregates, and durably persists meters.
Provides an accurate system of record of usage and consumption data. Delivers real time insights into which resource or features are being used by whom, when, for how long, and how much did they cost.
Built for Developers
Cloud Metering Features
Flexible Meter Definition
You define what you wish to meter, track, and instrument. We take care of the rest.
Tracking and Aggregation at Scale
Send one meter a day or a million meters a minute. We scale and do the heavy lifting.
Organization and Grouping
Organize or group meters by customer, project, or resource.
Oversight and Control
Set limits. Customize alerts and notifications to take proactive actions.
Usage Explorer
Real-time dashboards on customer’s usage and consumption.
Cost Explorer
Real-time dashboards on customer’s charge based on usage pricing plans.
Amberflo has you covered with SKDs for major programming languages, built for today’s modern cloud infrastructures. Every Amberflo product feature is built API-first so you can easily build custom integrations and export data.
Connect with tools you use every day for monitoring, collaboration, data analysis, billing and payments.
Gain visibility across all your customers applications and services usage and consumption, and drive business forward with actionable insights.
Actionable Insights
Get a timeline view of how a feature or resource is being used.
Detailed Metrics and Drill down
Drill down by customer, feature, and time horizon and operate business with a 360 degree view at your fingertips.
Future use Forecast
Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated future use forecasts.
Historical View
Jump back in time and gain critical insights.
Enterprise Grade Architecture
100% Accurate Metering and Tracking
Built from the ground up to accurately ingest, persist, and aggregate usage data and instrumentation.
Fast and Responsive
Built using cloud native distributed computing design principles, we deliver highly responsive and low latency response times.
Highly Scalable
Confidently and seamlessly scale frequency of metering and measurement across number of customers and  number of features and resources.
Data Security
We guarantee data security and durability.  Once data is ingested into Amberflo, we take full accountability of durability and persistence.