Usage Metering
Instrument and Meter Usage Independent of Billing

Serverless and Auto Scalable.
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Instrument and meter usage independent of billing

Metering Use Cases
Independent of pricing and billing

Startups not yet ready for pricing and billing

Start with putting a foundation of usage metering in place independent of pricing and billing. Use our turn key, easy to use, with a forever free tier Usage Metering Service to start instrumenting product and feature usage.

Usage meters can be put to instrument and measure any resource type associated with any entity. Use it to build best practices and discipline around usage and consumption efficiency, aligning front-end to back-end cloud resource use, and more.

Having historical usage and consumption data will inform you with invaluable insights when time comes to build your pricing plans and turn on invoices and billing.

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Product Led Growth (PLG)

Implementing a PLG go to market means you have to rethink your underlying infrastructure layer.

To be successful with PLG you must capture rich data set about your customers and the modern tool to do this is a real-time product Usage Metering Service. Number of new sign ups, feature adoption or abandonment, behavior and trends over time, and more are all provided and surfaced by a Usage Metering Service accurately, cost effectively and delivered in a System of Record format.

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Buidling the right
Pricing Plan

Building Usage-Based Pricing is a data backed exercise.

Most likely you will have pricing plans with multiple usage dimensions (feature or line items) and each line item will be based on one of the many usage-based line item models (e.g. unit, block, volume, or tiered).

To determine the right Usage-Based Pricing Plans you need usage data. Deploy Usage Metering Service ahead or and independent of pricing and billing to start gathering usage data to help with building most profitable pricing plans.

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Cloud Marketplaces

Cloud Marketplaces are increasingly becoming a complimentary go to market channel for businesses.

Modern Cloud Marketplaces (AWS, Azure, Google, and more...) require businesses to send in meter records. Businesses are required to meter their own products and services, send meter records to the respective marketplace which in turn based on usage, calculates the amount to be charged and bills the customer.

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Large Scale Metering

If you have large scale metering use case (e.g. IOT, Industrial, others...) generating billions of meter events a day, Amberflo's Cloud Metering Service seamlessly (auto) scales to any volume while guaranteeing uptime and latency SLAs while being highly cost effective.

Contact us to discuss your use case and to see our benchmark statistics on scale and cost effectiveness.

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