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Usage Metering Data Infrastructure

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Meter APIs, Cloud Infrastructure, Platform, System, IOT, Applications, and more...

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Send Usage Meters...we take care of the rest.

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Meter Events
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Real-time Usage Metering

Ingest, transform and aggregate meter events in real-time. Accurately and Cost Effectively.

No need to build your own time-series database, relational database, data warehouse, ingestion infrastructure, data deduplication logic, idem potency, and maintain and manage it. Amberflo Metering Cloud is a full featured, fully managed Usage Metering Service delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Standardized Metering Interface

Deploy a standardized, API first and developer friendly, metering interface and infrastructure across your enterprise and technology stack.

Drive speed and consistency for metering and tracking usage.

APIs, Cloud, Applications. Meter Anything.

APIs, Cloud Infrastructure, Platform, System, IOT, Application features, and more.

Amberflo Metering Cloud provides a flexible Meter Event data structure enabling you to define any type of meter and track it in real-time.

Decoupled from Pricing and Billing

Amberflo Metering Cloud operates decoupled, yet integrated, with Amberflo Billing Cloud.

Empower engineers, devops, and technical teams to operate metering service independent of pricing and billing.

1/10 to 1/100 the Cost

Amberflo Metering Cloud is provided to you as a Serverless and Auto Scalable service available with a simple pay-as-you-go pricing, all inclusive, with a generous Forever Free Tier.

Pricing includes cost of storage, processing, aggregation, time series storage and analysis, time series usage queries, real-time interactive dashboards, alerts and notifications, full set of APIs and SDKs for ingestion and extraction, available as a fully managed, highly available durable cloud service.

Actionable Signals

Be alerted to changes in usage - in real-time.

Set limits and receive real-time alerts and notifications both for internal teams and customer facing. Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction based on real-time insights into usage and costs.

Usage Predictability

Put your customers at ease by giving them real-time visibility into their usage and spend.

Enable customers to set custom defined signals on changes in usage and costs and receive real-time alerts and notifications.

Usage Explorer & Insights

Amberflo provides rich set of real-time usage and revenue explorer capabilities. Operate your business like the major cloud providers do by empowering functional teams with real-time usage and revenue data at your finger tips.


Pay only for what you use, and when you use. And included with every month is a generous Free Tier.

Developer-first. APIs and SDKs

First true developer friendly, end-to-end API based platform for metering, pricing, and billing.

Build, manage, and maintain all functions of Amberflo platform via code. See our code samples and Postman collections for a view into orchestration of meters and pricing plans.