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Real-time Usage Metering

Ingest, transform, and aggregate meter events in real time. We ensure accuracy, availability, and cost-effectiveness. The infrastructure is highly scalable, built to support high throughput and deliver low latency in all operating conditions. 

There is no need to build your own time-series database, relational database, data warehouse, ingestion infrastructure, data deduplication logic, idempotency, or to integrate, maintain, and manage all of it. Amberflo Metering Cloud is a full-featured, fully managed Usage Metering Service delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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Guaranteed Accuracy, built-in as a Design Principle

Amberflo Metering Cloud was built from the ground up to guarantee accuracy. We accomplish this by implementing idempotency and deduplication as key attributes of the ingestion pipeline. Meter records are tagged with a unique Meter ID and timestamp as they are created and sent to Amberflo for processing and aggregation. This ensures that each record is processed once, and once only, with a fully auditable backend infrastructure to resolve any disputes.

Amberflo Ingest Meter

Flexible Meter Aggregation Logic and Custom Metadata Structure

Meter anything, ranging from API calls, cloud infrastructure consumption, IoT systems, platforms, B2B and B2C SaaS application usage, and anything else that can be classified and tracked as an event.

Amberflo Metering Cloud provides a flexible Meter Event data structure enabling you to define any type of meter and customize the aggregation logic to meet any use case. Define meters to sum all usage over a time period; to track a unique count based on some dimension like an IP address or user login; to calculate the maximum value received over a given time interval; to track a running total that can be incremented or decremented through a given timeout period; or to track the length of time a defined event occurs for.

We allow users to further customize the data structure by defining dimensions - custom key-value pairs that users can then aggregate, segment, or price meters upon.

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Developer-First Platform Primitive

Amberflo Metering Cloud is the first truly developer-friendly platform that is fully controllable via APIs to offer engineers fine-grained control of all aspects of metering, pricing, and billing. To streamline onboarding and meter ingestion we offer pre-built SDKs for Python, Java, Typescript, and Go, with support for additional languages coming soon.

We allow users to build, manage, and maintain all functions of Amberflo platform via code or through the Console of our web application. See our code samples and Postman collections in Documentation for a view into orchestration of meters and pricing plans.


Scale independently from Billing

Amberflo Metering Cloud is a managed service that is decoupled from, yet integrated with Amberflo Billing Cloud. This aligns with the strategy we evangelize to customers: deploy metering and billing separately, with metering put in place first to inform the development of usage-based pricing plans, and to support downstream applications across finance and accounting, customer experience (sales, marketing, and service), and product development.

Empower engineers, DevOps, and technical teams to operate the metering service independent from pricing and billing. Keep your engineering resources focused on product development and differentiation, rather than developing and maintaining metering infrastructure.

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Metering Infrastructure at 1/10 to 1/100th the cost

Amberflo Metering Cloud is provided to you as a Serverless, Auto-Scalable service available with a simple pay-as-you-go pricing, including a generous Forever Free Tier that encourages users to get started without friction.

Pricing includes cost of storage, processing, aggregation, time series storage and analysis, time series usage queries, real-time interactive dashboards, alerts and notifications, the full set of APIs and SDKs for ingestion and extraction, available as a fully-managed, highly-available and durable cloud service.

We assert that we deliver the above capabilities and infrastructure for 1/10th to 1/100th the cost required to build out a comparable system using existing technologies including data warehouses, ETL tools, aggregation and deduplication logic, and time-series databases.

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Usage Explorer and Insights

Amberflo provides a rich set of real-time usage explorer capabilities. Operate your business like the major cloud providers do by empowering functional teams with real-time usage and adoption data to inform cross-functional teams across finance and accounting, sales, marketing, customer support, and product development.

Pivot the data by Meter name, Customer name, or any other custom Dimension you define. The data is fully indexable by time - you can show data based on the date range and aggregation interval (daily, weekly, or monthly); all data can be shown in either a Table or Graph format. Amberflo does not price on a per-seat basis, so these visualizations can be shown across the organization to all users who would benefit without any additional cost or configuration.

Amberflo Usage Explorer

Actionable Signals

Be alerted to changes in usage in real-time with customizable alerts and notifications. These signals can be delivered as emails, configured to arrive as Slack or Discord notifications, and sent via webhook for other downstream processing.

Set limits and receive real-time alerts and notifications both for internal teams and customer-facing. Signals can be based on percent change, absolute value change, or crossing a threshold value.

Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction based on real-time insights into usage and costs. Operationalize data-driven Product-Led Growth (PLG) and other modern sales motions with real-time awareness to customer usage and adoption trends.

Amberflo Metering Signals

Usage Predictability

Put your customers at ease by giving them real-time visibility into their usage and spend with our Cloud Customer Usage and Billing Portal.

Expose usage and billing data to your customers via a web application that is fully customizable to your specifications, privacy requirements, and corporate branding. Enable customers to set custom-defined signals on changes in usage and costs and receive real-time alerts and notifications. Track and visualize historical usage to allow customers to forecast demand and eliminate billing surprises. Read more on the Customer Usage and Billing Portal here.

Usage Predictability

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