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Usage-Based Pricing

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Usage Metering Service

First 10,000 Meter Events each Month - free

Define and deploy any number of meters.

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Pricing and Billing Service

First 10 Customers - free

You don't have to pay us for pricing, invoicing, billing, and payments until you get past your first 10 customers.

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Full Pricing

We will be publishing full pricing at public launch.
Our pricing is Usage-Based and is priced very competively.

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What's Included with
Forever Free Trial?

Full Featured
Metering and Usage-Based Pricing and Billing Platform

Usage Metering Service

Meter Ingestion API and SDKs

Meter Data Warehouse

Real-time Meter Aggregation

Meter Time-Series

Meter Processing Guarantee

Meter de-duplication

Grouping and aggregation by Dimensions

Meter Usage (extraction) API and SDKs

Real-time Usage Dashboards

Real-time Alerts on Usage change

3rd Party Systems Integrations

Flexible schema

Unlimited Users

Pricing and Billing Service

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited Product Items (catalog)

Full list of Usage-Based Unit Types

Unlimited, on-demand Invoicing and Billing

Plans Lifecycle Management (grandfathering)

Promotions and Discounts

Custom Currency (credits, bulk-buy)

Price Modeling

Real-time Revenue Explorer

Full API and SDK interface

Real-time Alerts on Revenue change

Payments Integration

Unlimited Users

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