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Usage Metering
Meter any measurable resource type including infrastructure, application, system, or custom. Amberflo automatically scales to your workload. Our APIs manage idempotency, deduplication, batching, and flushing. Just send meters and leave the rest to Amberflo.
Amberflo is a Cloud Metering Platform that makes it easy for developers to meter any usage or transaction-based data sets. We provide a Meter Definition, Ingestion, and Usage API enabling you to define custom meters, post them to a secure and scalable endpoint, with automatic usage aggregation and time-series analytics.
  • Define any number of meters and start sending data. Use meters to track any measurable resource type (infrastructure, application, or system) and get real-time visibility into usage and consumption patterns.
  • Automatically aggregate meter values using pre-built functions such as Min, Max, Sum, and Count.
  • Group meters by organizational concepts like customer, department, product/project, team, individual application, or environment for chargeback.
  • We take care of idempotency and meter deduplication providing you with 100% accurate metering and usage tracking. Use our SDK that matches your development stack and simply sends us the meters. We take care of the rest.
Unified Usage
Dashboards & Insights
Aggregate meter values using pre-built functions and group meters by custom attributes (e.g. customer, project, etc.) to get a detailed view of usage.
Amberflo automatically generates real-time usage views and insights on customers use of your products and services.  Select usage over any date range or usage period to gain valuable insights instantly.
  • Overall usage. See aggregated usage of products or services across all users and customers in detailed graph or tabular views.
  • Usage by meter. Drill down on one or more meters to see current, historical, and date range based usage
  • Usage by customer. Drill down on one or more customers (project or entity) to see current, historical, and date range-based usage.
  • Pre-built dashboards and query interface. Use pre-built usage and insights dashboards or our low-latency query interface to extract usage data and insights.
Governance & Notifications
Eliminate overage surprises. Set threshold limits and receive customizable alerts and notifications. Route alerts using Webhooks to 3rd party applications and workflows.
With real-time metering and data aggregation Amberflo provides built-in, customizable usage governance.
  • Take the anxiety out of overages by providing both customers and internal teams with ability to receive customizable notifications on limit thresholds.
  • Get real-time alerts (via Slack or email) for usage limits. Customize frequency of alerts and usage values.
  • Monitor alerts and notifications.
  • Integrate alerts into 3rd party apps and workflows using Webhooks.
Billing & Integrations
Accurate billing can only be achieved with accurate metering.
Accurate metering delivers accurate billing. Use our connector framework and pre-built connectors to send accurate usage data to downstream systems such as billing, payments, CRM, and others.
  • Connector to Stripe. Send Customer ID as part of your meter ingestion records and our connector to Stripe will automatically send metering data to Stripe for billing and payments.
  • Extract usage data from Amberflo and write to AWS S3 or other 3rd party repositories for downstream processing.
Developer Friendly Cloud Metering Platform
Purpose-built for usage-based business models
Amberflo is built from the ground up to support modern, multi-dimensional usage-based pricing and billing models. In an "always-on" world of usage-based consumption, product usage needs to be tracked in real-time, all the time. Amberflo is built using cloud-native, distributed computing architecture that seamlessly scales to meet your needs and is highly cost-effective.
Your own datalake of usage and consumption data
Usage and consumption data (independent of pricing and billing) holds a lot of intelligence, and deep insights about customer and users usage patterns, including future use projections. The starting point is to put in place a System of Record (and datalake) of usage and consumption data. And continue to expect from us high valued-added features delivered over your datalake.
Easy deployment. No Rip and Replace
Designed from the ground up as an API First, Developer Friendly platform, Amberflo makes it easy for you to start using our Cloud Metering Platform without needed any rip and replace. Whether you are starting with a clean slate or might have something in place, by simply adding our APIs you can begin to use Amberflo in parallel.