How do I get started?
We make it easy to get started with developer friendly tools, APIs, and sample code.
Currently, we are in private beta, so please reach out to us to request access.
What can I do with Amberflo?
Design, build, and operationalize modern consumptive, usage-based pricing and billing options that are accurate, fast, and reliable.
Integrated features include:
  • Define custom meters (items you want to track usage on)
  • Ingest meters using full featured SDKs
  • Built-in analytics with Amberflo dashboards
  • Define notifications (via web hooks; included - slack and email) for near real-time alerts on usage data
  • Feed downstream system with aggregated information (AWS S3, AWS Marketplace, Stripe, Webhooks)
  • Full featured, programmable Pricing Plan Service (early beta)
What kinds of use cases does Amberflo enable?
Amberflo is built from the ground up as a flexible and scalable platform and can tackle almost any modern, consumptive pricing and billing use case.
See a sample of the use cases we support
  • Ingest meters using the SDK
  1. Compute hours
  2. Records processed
  3. Volume of data processed
  • Customer level analytics
  1. How much of the backend the specific customer is using Tenant Activity and Consumption - SaaS Lens
  2. Sales engagements powered by the customer level analytics
    What SDKs and Developer Tools do you provide?
    Amberflo is a developer friendly platform service. You can expect us to continuously add to our list of tools and frameworks that make it easy for developers to use our platform.
    See Developers and API docs  for more details.
      Does it require rip and replace? Do I have to change or remove existing systems?
      No. Amberflo does not require rip and replace. You can simply deploy our endpoints into your existing code base and Amberflo will be setup and operational in parallel to your existing setup.
        What makes Amberflo different?
        In a consumptive model, data pipeline and workflow starts with metering, not billing. To achieve correct billing, you must first achieve accurate metering. Once you put in place a system of record for usage and consumption, data can easily be mapped and fed into downstream applications such as pricing, billing, and more.
        To support modern consumptive business models, Amberflo’s platform is built on the following design principles:
        • Start with Cloud Metering to de-couple usage and consumption data from pricing and billing
        • Provide a System of Record for usage and consumption data
        • 100% accurate, 100% of the time Cloud Metering
        • Near real-time data ingestion and aggregation
        • Platform and system designed from the ground up to be idempotent, support data immutability, highly scalable, and durable.
          Can we still use Amberflo even if we have not yet decided on our usage-based pricing models?
          Yes. And that is the right approach…de-couple usage from pricing and billing. Start metering a superset of usage item from which you may derive your customer facing pricing model. We know from experience, it is the metered usage data set that will inform your thinking on what consumptive pricing plan you need to build and operationalize, not the other way around.
            Can I use your APIs in production?
            Yes. Our ingest APIs are designed from the ground up to be non-blocking and highly scalable. Our APIs are ready for production use.
              What is your pricing model and how much does Amberflo cost?
              Our pricing model is consumptive, and usage-based.
              You pay only for what you use. There are no upfront charges, commitments or contracts.
              Additionally, we offer a perpetual free-tier.
              We will be sharing specific cost attributes with beta participants.
                I have more questions?
                We welcome your questions and feedback. Please contact us.