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Usage-Based Pricing Plans and Automated Metered Invoicing and Billing

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Fully Customizable Usage-Based Pricing Plans

Build modern Usage-Based Pricing Plans that accelerate growth and delight customers. Build trust with customers and differentiate from competitors with simple, transparent pricing based on consumption of your product or service.

Move beyond seat-based and other single variable pricing strategies that frustrate customers and drive operational inefficiency. Choose from a range of standard usage-based models such as unit-based, pre-paid with overage, volume-based, tiered, blocked, and multi-attribute; or price based on custom Dimension (defined at Meter creation) to support any pricing vector across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoT, and edge applications and services.

Amberflo Billing Cloud includes full lifecycle management for all pricing plans. Create, deprecate, and deploy pricing plans to customers; Amberflo supports automated customer account migration to enable change management when transitioning between live plans.

Amberflo Pricing Plans Structure

Real-Time Usage Data Ingestion

Connect Product Items to the corresponding Meters and Amberflo Billing Cloud automatically calculates Product Item-level metered charges, aggregated according to the assigned pricing plans. Data coming into Billing Cloud is guaranteed based on the design principles of Amberflo Metering Cloud, ensuring the system of record for billing is current, accurate, and auditable at all times. You can be secure knowing you will not overcharge your customers nor will we drop or misprocess a record, causing you to lose earned revenue.

Amberflo Billing Cloud provides customer-facing teams such as product, finances, sales, marketing, the tools to independently own and control all aspects of pricing and billing functions without requiring dedicated engineering resources.

Amberflo Real-Time Ingestion

Price Modeling

Our Price Modeling capability allows users to forecast and compare the impact of different pricing plans based on real usage data before deploying them live to customers.

Usage-Based pricing plans are often multi-dimensional (having multiple line items) and each dimension can be price modeled in a variety of different ways (unit, block, tiered, volume, etc.), Price Modeling is an essential building block of modern Cloud Metering and Billing Systems allowing teams to optimize usage-based pricing plans faster and introduce greater predictability to the model.

Product and pricing teams can compare the revenue generated from each plan over different time periods, as well as segment the results by customer, by Meter (Product Item), and by custom Dimension.

Amberflo Price Modeling

Prepaid Credits and Wallet-Based Pricing

Increase predictability for customers and internal accounting teams alike with modern usage-based constructs such as bulk-buy and wallet-based billing models. Customers can purchase services in bulk by paying for a certain amount of Credits upfront. Amberflo tracks usage drawn-down in real-time against these prepaid Credits and manages the entire transaction from end to end.

Enable hybrid models that incorporate a regular prepaid Credit allotment each billing cycle with a pay-as-you-go option for overages. Additionally, Amberflo supports the “top-up” model where reminders and outreach are triggered to refill prepaid balance once usage crosses a predetermined threshold.

Amberflo Prepaid Credits

Metered Invoicing and Billing

Eliminate surprises at the end of the billing period. View metered invoices, updated in real time, at any point throughout the billing cycle to stay current on all usage and revenue trends. Expose this data to your customers and allow them to track their usage and bill throughout the billing cycle to create a fully transparent billing experience and build trust with your customers. Move beyond static invoices to show customers line-by-line what Product Items were consumed, in what quantities, at what price. Every invoice is fully auditable and guaranteed to be accurate based on the Metering Platform design principles.

Amberflo Metered Invoices

Promotions and Rewards

Create custom promotions and rewards to delight customers and incent greater usage. Amberflo Billing Cloud supports full lifecycle management for all promotions including creation, depreciation, and deployment to production. Amberflo offers you fine-grained control over all attributes of each Promotion – which customers the promotion applies to; whether it is a one-time, recurring, or set number of cycles (i.e. promotion valid for the next three billing cycles); and whether the discount is a flat monetary amount ($X subtracted from the subtotal Y) or a percentage of the total (X% subtracted from the subtotal Y).

Amberflo Promotions and Rewards

Revenue Explorer and Insights

Amberflo provides a rich set of real-time revenue explorer capabilities. Operate your business like the major cloud providers do by empowering functional teams with real-time consumption and revenue data to inform cross-functional teams across finance and accounting, sales, marketing, customer support, and product development.

Identify the highest revenue-generating Product Items, compare revenue across Pricing Plans, or pivot revenue data by Customer to define customer segments and identify critical accounts.

The data is fully indexable by time - you can show data based on the date range and aggregation interval (daily, weekly, or monthly); all data can be shown in either a Table or Graph format. Amberflo does not price on a per-seat basis, so these visualizations can be shown across the organization to all users who would benefit without any additional cost or configuration.

Amberflo Revenue Explorer

Empower your Teams

Amberflo Billing Cloud is an application built on top of the Amberflo Metering Cloud platform. Teams responsible for product and pricing can create, test, manage, and deploy modern usage-based pricing plans without requiring additional engineering resources or meeting cycles, leveraging the usage data ingested via the metering system.

Empower Product and Billing teams to operate independent from engineering and development teams responsible for the Metering infrastructure, allowing teams to iterate and optimize pricing faster and with less overhead.

Decoupled from Billing

Actionable Signals

Be alerted to changes in revenue in real-time with customizable alerts and notifications. These signals can be delivered as emails, configured to arrive as Slack or Discord notifications, and sent via webhook for other downstream processing.

Set limits and receive real-time alerts and notifications both for internal teams and customer-facing. Signals can be based on percent change, absolute value change, or crossing a threshold value.

Proactively formulate customer engagement sales plans to drive product adoption and customer satisfaction based on real-time insights into usage, revenue, and costs. Operationalize data-driven Product-Led Growth (PLG) and other modern sales motions with real-time awareness to customer usage and adoption trends.

Billing Signals

Developer-Friendly Application

Amberflo Billing Cloud is the first truly developer-friendly platform that is fully controllable via APIs to offer engineers fine-grained control of all aspects of pricing, and billing. We have rich documentation and API references to guide users through all platform functionality.

We allow users to build, manage, and maintain all functions of Amberflo platform via code or through the Console of our web application. See our code samples and Postman collections in Documentation for a view into orchestration of meters and pricing plans.

Developer Friendly

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