Monetize Generative AI

Track prompt and token level usage, build pricing, and automate on-demand metered invoicing and billing, all in one afternoon.

Usage Metering and Billing for SaaS + AI

Effortlessly add usage metering to your Gen AI or LLM apps and build and deploy
flexible usage-based pricing with on-demand metered invoicing and billing.
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Meter and Price prompts, tokens, latency, user feedback, and more.

Track and bill on any AI/ML metrics. One API to track all events.

An integrated end-to-end platform for metering, aggregating, pricing, rating, and on-demand invoicing and billing.

Know your Super Users

Built-in Advanced Analytics.

Use Realtime Analytics Dashboards or APIs for usage tracking and alerting of any aspect of LLMs by user, account or custom dimension.

Enforce Limits

Build custom usage and pricing workflows.

Enable expansion or throttling, and free to paid transition points. Empower customer facing teams with actionable usage data to deliver value-add customer touch points.

Launch Early. Iterate Easily.

No need to hold up launch or push off monetization.

Get ahead of competition. Launch early. Bake in metering and pricing from the start with confidence and iterate as you go.

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